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Should listing titles match the tags?

Hi all,

I was on here a couple of years ago without much success. As my Etsy store/web site took off I forgot about Folksy and eventually stopped using it completely.

Things have taken off elsewhere allowing me to now work part-time for myself. I always looked at Folksy like the ‘English version’ of Etsy and as such feel I have unfinished business here so I’d like to have another crack at Folksy.

I’m trying to get to grips with how Folksy SEO/Search works.

Over on Etsy it’s important that the tags we use also match what we’ve written in the titles. Is it the same here?

I notice on Folksy I notice a lot of people use the item title to say what the item is and then fill the tags up with descriptive words that people might use to search for the item. So the tags and titles don’t really match.

I also notice that people here use a lot of singular worded tags? On Etsy this is a big no no and we’re encouraged to mainly use 2-3 worded tags.

Just looking for a little advice before I jump back in and start uploading items to Folksy again.

Thanks for any help,

I’m not sure, I have wondered the same but I do mine similar to my E… shop. I love your shop by the way, your items are so unique and love the photos.

The advice we were given when tags were first reintroduced was to use single word tags but this has changed now to 2 or 3 words (in line with etsy) but not everyone has picked up on this or got round to changing things. There is a blog article here

they say it is worth having the key bits of your title in your tags but also more descriptive phrases that also apply (the character limit for the title is fewer than for the tags so you can’t always get everything in the title but you can for the tags).
There is also this blog post about tags

hope that helps


Thanks for the kind words about our shop. Yes I initially started to make my listings here in the same way I had them set-up over on Etsy but after getting 0 views after a few days I figured something must be up so wanted to look into it more.

I realise I’ve only uploaded a few items here so need to add more to increase visibility but thought I would of had more than 0 views after a few days…

Thank you Sasha, I’ll go back to the chain of thought then of having 2-3 word tags. And thanks for the links, I’ve already read the Clickable Tags one but shall give the other a read now.