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Confused by 20 free listings offer

(Susannah Ayre) #1

Sorry- I may just be having a no-brain Friday (it happens) but I’ve just logged in and went to my shop to take advantage of the ‘20 free listings’ offer for this weekend. However, when I scrolled down to my listings it says ‘you have 8 free listings available’ 8? Tad confused- I thought it was 20?
Anyone else had this? I relisted a recently sold item just out of curiosity to see if the number changed and it was just a random error- but now I only have 7 free listings apparently. :confused:

(Roz) #2

Where does it say how many you have - just logged into my other shop (this one has plus account so not relevant) to see if I could help you but can’t see anywhere that says how many i have

edit: thought it might be because my other shop was empty but when I went to re list something that had expired it said I would be charged 15p so I’m guessing it won’t be free! @folksycontent can you clarify please.

(Susannah Ayre) #3

I just clicked on my listings and just above the list of them it said how many I had available.

(Roz) #4

Ok just tried to add a new listing and it is still saying I will be charged 15p so not going to list until I get definitive answer!

(Camilla) #5

There should be a little notification in your dashboard that tells you how many free listings you have left, Roz.

Everyone should have 20 free listings @curiousseagull - not sure why it’s saying you only have 8. Let me have a look.

(Roz) #6

No definitely no notification Camilla @folksycontent and says I will be charged 15p to list when I get to preview stage

(Camilla) #7

That’s weird. Let me get Doug on it.

(HartAndCraft) #8

I saw the notice for 20 free listings in my dashboard at around 5:45pm. I had 4 draft items ready for 6pm; listed them 50 minutes ago without being charged.

(Lynn Britton) #9

I’ve just listed 4 items and my dashboard is telling me I have 11 free listings left, 4 plus 11 = 15, so what has happened to the other 5 free listings.

(Roz) #10

BTW I am looking at my other shop Rozcraftz (not Orchard Felts which is on a plus account).

(Camilla) #11

I think we’ve worked it out Lynne, @HartAndCraft and @curiousseagull @OrchardFelts. Can you check if it’s showing you the right number now?

(HartAndCraft) #13

I’ve listed 4, my dashboard says i have 16 remaining.

(Roz) #14

Mines showing 20 free listings now - thanks :slight_smile: - excellent service as always :slight_smile:

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(Camilla) #15

Phew! Thanks Roz :slight_smile:

(Susannah Ayre) #16

YEY it’s sorted! Thanks @folksycontent :slight_smile: I’m glad I wasn’t going crazy after all!!

(Camilla) #17

Hurray! It’s a good job you flagged it up because we hadn’t spotted it. Hopefully it all goes smoothly from now on…

(Susannah Ayre) #18

Thanks for sorting it out so quickly! :smiley:

(Lynn Britton) #19

Many thanks for sorting it so quickly Camilla @folksycontent much appreciated.

(DeeRhythmage) #20

I’m still somehwat confused…I have a plus account…email informed I’d get extra days added to extend my plus account term, but my dashboard indicates a number of free listings available… :confused::confounded:

(Marg) #21

I don’t think it will apply to Plus account holders, because we already have free listings, I think it’s to attract new shops and returning shops maybe.