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(occasionalguestbooks) #1

Hello all - I have just opened a + shop here and I listed my first 3 items ok but now I am trying to list my 4th it is saying I will be charged 15p per item. I have the +account so shouldn’t it be free for all my listings?

(Roz) #2

Yes, all listings should be free with the plus account - I would email support to find out whats happening although it sounds like perhaps your plus account hasn’t gone through as I think the first 3 listings are free for everyone. Has the money gone from your account?

(occasionalguestbooks) #3

Thank you - it seems to be ok now. I logged out and in again and now I can list ‘free’. Just a glitch maybe.

(Roz) #4

Thats good - good luck with your new shop :slightly_smiling:

(occasionalguestbooks) #5

Thank you very much!

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #6

Welcome to folksy @occasionalguestbooks1

(JollySmall) #7

Good luck and welcome to Folksy
Di :slightly_smiling:

(Tina Martin) #8

Welcome & good luck with your new shop, you have really lovely guest books! :slight_smile:

(occasionalguestbooks) #9

Thank you all for your warm welcome and I hope you all have a good year with your shops too!

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #10

Welcome to folksy Marisa, you have a lovely shop :smiley:

(Karen Ellam) #11

Welcome to Folksy. All the best with your new shop :blush:


(occasionalguestbooks) #12

Thank you Jacqueline :slight_smile:

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(occasionalguestbooks) #13

Thank you Karen :slight_smile:

(Gerda Austin) #14

Good luck with your shop x

(occasionalguestbooks) #15

Thank you Gerda :slight_smile:

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(Jacqueline Austen) #16

Gorgeous items in your shop - I know you will do so well on Folksy. xx

(Helen Healey) #17

Welcome. Your shop is really lovely. Hope all goes well.

(occasionalguestbooks) #18

Thank you all for your good wishes :slight_smile: