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Help! What do I do?

A customer has placed an order for a girls new baby card with the name Freddie. In this case I normally check that the customer doesn’t want the boys version of the card. However this customer hasn’t got back to me even though I have tried to contact her twice. Do I send the girls version as ordered, or presume she wants the boys version. Has anyone ever heard of a girl called Freddie?

There have been reports of problems with messages not being sent or received via the Folksy system, although it may be fixed now, so there’s a chance she may not have any idea you’ve been trying to contact her.

I wouldn’t assume she wants anything other than what she’s ordered, personally.

Honestly, I’d just send it. It could be short for Frederica, or it might be an affectionate name. My cousin’s new baby is often referred to as “Mr Badger” because that’s what her brother called her before she was born!

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Have you tried sending an email direct rather than through the folksy system if there have been problems.


My son has a friend (girl) called Freddie so it’s not unknown it can be short for Frederica (although in my son’s friend it’s Francesca)

or can you do a non gendered one - send that and explain why ?