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Help with how to organise my catagories please!

I currently have my birthday cards currently divided into childrens cards and grown up cards. However there is a little confusion as some cards I do are for children to give to grown ups so I am worried these catagories are confusing. Do you think I would be better to make them in to a male and female catagories?

Any opinions very welcome

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That’s a really good question. It might be better, because then the customers will have free-range to choose any card from any of the current categories.

Sam x

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Hi There
How about a For Mum/ForDad/ For Brothers/For Sisters/For Teachers/For husbands/for wives/ etc etc etc?

Hope this helps you

lv Hazydaisy

Thanks but some of my cards can be for a brother, dad or Grandad as i make them to order. That’s what makes it hard to catagorise them I think!

I personally think that dividing them by gender would be better @clarkiedesigns :0)