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Courier advice please

(Ali Joyce) #1

Hi everyone
Can anyone who ships glass suggest a courier service who would transport a unit of vehicle glass please. I’ve got into a horribly upsetting despute with someone who fitted some windows which were faulty and he is refusing to refund without seeing the window (which is understandable) but then won’t even discuss how I can get it back to him and I don’t want to drive over 100 miles to do it. Any help or guidance you can give would be gratefully received. I’m not worried if the courier won’t insure if I can get the fitter to accept the risk.
Thanks everyone

(Liz Clark) #2

I don’t know a courier but just wanted to say take lots of photos and video evidence before you ship it back, just in case! (In fact wouldn’t the supplier accept photo/video evidence of the fault?). Did a courier deliver the glass initially from the supplier - worth contacting them?

(Rachel) #3

Hi, personally I would ring your local trading standards, they will advise you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. They are very helpful and its quite reassuring to have someone on your side so to speak. Rachel

(Ali Joyce) #4

Good idea but they have completely ignored the photos I sent and one the two occasions I managed to get any response just say they’ve never had any complaints. Really upsetting and not like the service we Folksy sellers give!

(Ali Joyce) #5

Yes I think that might be the route we go down thank you x

(Liz Clark) #6

That’s terrible! You’d think they’d want to see the fault so they could correct it, and would be on it like a hot potato. Good service when things go wrong goes a long way!

Agree with Rachel, talk to TS and go from there. We’re all bound by the same regs, whether we sell craft or glass for vehicles, and if it’s faulty they are duty bound to fix it.

(Ali Joyce) #7

Thank you x