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New craft storage ....yippee

Well hello lovely new(2 previous owners) storage unit. Should be enough space for all my craft stuff. What you can’t see out of shot on the left is the pile of craft things i had to move to make room for the shelves.

I just hoovered my floor for the first time in ages, because I could actually see the carpet!

Whats you favourite storage area/item?


Ooohh I love new storage!! I bet your excited to get things all in there and organised :smile:

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The joy of having a dedicated workroom is I can just close the door and people can’t see the mess! Favourite storage solution - I inherited some slide binders and insert pages which are great for keeping my stash of cabochons in. When I’m looking for the next project I can just flick through them and mull over which to select next or when I do open studios I have them propped up on a book stand then people can browse through them and select their favourite and what they want it made into.


Ohhhh your new storage area looks fab.

I would love a craft room or even craft area, but my house is on the small side and storage is quite lacking.

when we decorated the living room my Husband bought me this lovely cupboard to keep all of my craft stuff safe and tidy. It’s my favourite piece of furniture in the house, and it’s all mine :wink:

Karen x


All yur storages look lovely! My favourite is this white shelves unit from Ikea that found its place between some other shelves and a chest of drawers that I painted myself.


Very smart/