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Crafters Birthdays

Hi is anyone else sharing my birthday today :slightly_smiling: If they are happy birthday to you all and we may have a great day.


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Not my Birthday but Happy Birthday to you! enjoy :smile:

Happy Birthday Mel @bluebellwoodturning. Have a good one. :birthday::gift:

Happy Birthday, have a lovely day! :slight_smile:

Mine was last week! Have a great day, Mel. Happy Birthday
Di :grinning::birthday:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mel, mine’s next week.

Happy birthday. Hope you have a good one

Thank you all for your very kind wishes and I hope that you will all post your birthdays as they come around.

Mel X

Happy Birthday have a great day from @Jshandmadedesigns

Happy Birthday Mel, hope it’s a good one.

Happy birthday and have a great one!!! Hopefully you’ve got a biiiig cake to keep you going as well :slight_smile:

Not today, next week. happy birthday, hope you have a lovely day.

Wishing you a great birthday Mel… don’t eat all the cake at once :slight_smile: :birthday:

Hi all thank you for your kind wishes they have made my day extra special ! Not yet eaten the cake still full after roast dinner


So was mine Joy, Wednesday 3rd, went to Bath for the day, lovely shopping.
Suzzie x

So at least three of us jewellery makers have birthdays next week… Dawn @dawnsneesbyjewellery and Ruth @RuthSmithJewellery and me!
Happy birthday Mel!

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I look forward to wishing you all happy birthday on your special day as well .

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mel

Hope you are having a lovely day! :cake:

Julia x