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Curiosity: After how many views did you had your first sale?

HELLO! I am new here, I just opened my store yesterday. I was wondering after how many days or after how many views you had your first sale?

I have been here 10 years and have NEVER checked how many views I get…I think it makes you paranoid …I often see people saying that their views are down…I am only interested in when an item sells…just enjoy what you do and have fun and then people will love your work too and then the sales will come in…I was here 3 months before I got my first sale ,it takes time, so come onto the forums and chat and get to know everyone…most importantly…enjoy the ride.
And welcome to folksy

I took a look in your shop and can I be rude and suggest that you use the lovely photo of the child wearing the turban as the MAIN photo because I had no idea what you were selling…they look much better being modelled. Hanging up, I thought they were decorations !


Thank you so much for your feedback! I will make the changes that you suggested as I now realise that it may confuse people. I also agree with you regarding the views.

I had a look at your shop and you are so talented!! Love your paintings!

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Views ? What are they ?
I’m not the slightest bit interested in them. I’m interested in customers who buy my glass and even better in customers who buy my glass and like what they bought and buy more.
I’m not interested in the 99 out of 100 who look at something of mine and decide not to buy it.
(Work on say 100 views per sale and you won’t go far wrong).
I do my best to make things people want and to take good photos and to promote my pieces and my shop using social media.

Good luck with yours but don’t get view paranoia… promote instead. Far more productive use of your energy.


I am Jo from Beach Secrets. I too am new, January, and really itching to get my first sale, hoping that will generate good feedback and encourage other potential buyers that I am OK to buy from!
It is all a new learning curve. I am currently really ill with an ear abcess which ruptured my ear drum. Total deafness and head feels like it is stuffed with expanding foam. Agonising pain and all very scary, I am on second week off sick, and shocked at how weak I am. So trying to use this time, when I feel up to it, to work on making stuff to sell, and catching up on reading tips, trying to get better photos and so on.
Look forward to hearing from some of you.
Good wishes
Jo x

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welcome Jo…sorry to hear about your problems.Hope you can use the time for crafting…
Off to look at your shop x

Thanks Brenda, let me know what you think when you have looked at my shop. Ideas, criticism, anything really. x

Don’t get too hung up on views. Sometimes I’ve done loads of promotion and got loads of views but no sales. Other times I’ve done no promotion, had under 10 views but made a sale.

My shop was open 7 days before I got my first sale.

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I can’t find the thread for first sales, but wanted to tell someone that I HAVE MADE MY FIRST SALE! So excited!!!
Happy easter everyone x