Folksy Ltd

Views all on SOLD items

(Linda Cooper) #1

I should be delighted according to the view counter I actually had 428 views in the last day.
Why aren`t I?
The top 10 viewed items all show SOLD items?
Can you tell me what is going on please?

(Deborah Jones) #2

It sounds like some earlier promotion has been boosted somewhere - like an old blog post has been recently shared .
Hopefully if people like what they see they will hunt down current items.

(Jacqueline Austen) #3

That makes sense now! I don’t have many views, but those that are viewed are often items that have already sold. Perhaps people are looking at pinterest or FB where others have kindly promoted my items in the past.

If people find me, that is all good!

Jacqueline x

(Roz) #4

Took me a while to figure out why lots of my views were on an item I no longer stock in my shop! I am beginning to think perhaps I should restock! I suspect views are either coming via Pinterest (which i need to update) or people just browsing my shop and looking at what I’ve sold.

(Nifty) #5

I think it’s also maybe because they were sold before folksy went beta, so the links are more googleable.

(Christine E.) #6

Wow, that’s a huge amount of views, Linda! I was about to start a thread about something similar- not the amount of views but the fact that my most-viewed item today is something I sold two years ago! I googled it using similar key words and it came up in Google images. Some were from Pinterest and some from Craftjuice. When I clicked on the Craftjuice images there was no link, presumably because of the age of the posting, but when I clicked on a more recent Craftjuice image of mine it took me here I’m a bit baffled as to what this page is- any ideas?

(Nifty) #7

I would guess it’s handmademoon’s favourites? as in “my folksy”??

(Christine E.) #8

I suppose so. I just assumed that I was the only one who could see “my Folksy” and that I wouldn’t be able to see someone else’s- I hope TheHandmadeMoon’s owner doesn’t mind. I’ve just had another look at Google images and I was mistaken- this one didn’t say Craftjuice, it said Folksy. But it must be in lots of other places on Folksy, how funny the image was “picked” from this page!

(Nifty) #9

good point, just went to your shop and I can’t see any way of looking at your favourites. weird!

(Sarah Lambert) #10

I’m not getting anywhere near that amount of views but my top viewed item is a Sold one- does anyone know when Folksy is coming out of beta?

(Leanne Woods) #11

I get a lot of views on sold items too, I think it’s just that once urls have been round a while they tend to come up higher in google searches than newer ones.

Weird that a google search would pick up someone’s my folksy list though, it changes very frequently, of course that could be the very reason because google gets all doe eyed over fresh, regularly updated content, it’s why blogs rank higher than websites for the most part. You can’t actually see another seller’s favourites on folksy, only your own. What you’re seeing there is The Handmade Moon’s favourite shops not favourite items, although the fav shop view will display items in the order they’re were listed so it changes regularly, so if she were to favourite an item but not the shop itself you would never see it appear in that list We can all see each others My Folksy but favourite items are private.