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Cushion seats needed


Anyone on here make custom sized cushions❔ I’ll need it 100cm x 60cm and if anyone does any waterproof or wipe clean fabric that would be great. Please tell me costs. Thanks

Hi Natalie, welcome to the Folksy Forum. I can’t help with your cushions I’m afraid but I thought I’d bump this back near the top for you.

Not every shop comes onto the forum so they wouldn’t see your question.

If you search for ‘custom cushion’ from the folksy homepage there are lots of shops that come up that do custom work, maybe you could contact a few that you liked the look of for possible quotes. :slight_smile:

Hi Natalie,
I do custom orders for cushions, usually in Harris tweed, but could be any fabric. Please contact me so we can discuss options


Please can you send me a link or something for the fabrics you do, and do you make covers in custom sizes? Do you also make the pillows?


Hi Natalie,
yes I can, but there’s not much stock in my Folksy shop right now, and most of my cushion sales are elsewhere. I would need to email you pictures or direct you to other sites. Please contact me directly so we don’t upset the forum
I’m quite happy to set the order up via Folksy once we’ve sorted out the details.
many thanks,