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Customer checkout failing

I’ve just had a potential customer contact me on IG saying he is trying to purchase but checkout keeps failing. He’s paying by card & gets the message ‘error please try another server’
I’ve emailed support but just thought I would let people know & see if anyone else has had problems? Hoping it’s nothing I’ve done my side!
Dee x

Did you email If so email which gets checked out of hours for really important stuff and I think people not being able to buy counts as really important stuff.

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Thanks Sasha, yes I emailed support then forwarded to urgent when I got the auto reply. Just was wondering if anyone else has had problems…it’s a new customer so didn’t feel comfortable asking him to keep trying. I’ve said I’ll contact him when I’ve heard back so fingers crossed he’s happy to wait!

I usually apologise and send the customer a Paypal Invoice :slight_smile:

Ah, that might have been a better plan! He did say he wanted to pay by card though. No worries, I’ll drop him a message first thing with an update or offer an invoice. Thanks :slight_smile:

I had a sale on Monday and customer had problems checking out, all OK in the end though.

I got the error message last night when I was updating my listings. It only came up once, so I assumed it’s been fixed.

We had an email from a customer this morning who had a problem paying . Just had another customer a few minutes ago and that sale all went well via stripe.

Would you be able to email our support team at with the time they tried to order and the item so they can look into what happened. We think the other issues have been to do with the customer’s cards and Paypal rather than Folksy, but we’d like to double check.

Thanks Camilla We’ve sent a link to the item so that the customer could try again. We’ve heard nothing back from them since so don’t quite know whats going on their end. We’ll send the info you requested when we get a reply from them.

Dave and Dos

He can use a card to pay a Paypal invoice.

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Thanks Joy, I’ll remember that for next time. All sorted now, think it was a browser issue his side :slight_smile: