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Problems during payment

(Bobbys Boutique) #1

Has anyone else had a problem with payments not going through?

I have taken four orders in the last three days, payment went through ok for the first, the second thought she’d paid and after an email from me continued to pay, the third changed her mind before paying and the fourth has just emailed to confirm her address and had no idea her payment hadn’t gone through.

This is quite frustrating, and if I hadn’t been informed of the sale before payment was made, and contacted the buyers myself, I would have lost two genuine sales (and possibly two return customers) in as many days.

No idea what the problem is, but I’m sure many buyers would be frustrated and not come back to Folksy. Thank god I knew of the sales, or these poor buyers would have been left wondering where their items were, thinking they had made payment.

So, the question is - is it just happening to me, or has anyone else had a similar issue?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I had someone recently who was uncertain as to whether or not an order had gone through (she didn’t think it had) so put in a second (larger) order which went through fine. I just cancelled the first order once we had clarified what she wanted. I’m not sure if it is more problematic at the moment or not - hopefully it is only temporary and will be sorted out sharpish before people start doing their xmas shopping in earnest.

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(Bobbys Boutique) #3

Let’s hope so! I just thought with it happening twice in two days it must be a glitch of some kind - If so, I’ll be glad when the wicked glitch is dead :wink: :smiley: Good luck with the ‘Christmas rush’! <3

(Sasha Garrett) #4

If you have details of the problems that your customers had then the bods at folksy would like to know so that they can track down the problem and sort it out. There is another thread about non payment of orders and James B did say which email to send it to but I can’t remember what it was so send it to support with a title like ‘non payment of orders’. The more they know about why we are having to follow up on (initially) non paid orders the better.

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