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Payment fails

I am trying to buy from folksy, I did want three items but I can’t even manage one item. Please can someone help @folksycontent @dougfolksy

Hello Rachel, this happened to me, but I was the shop, I wouldn’t have known there was an error with my PayPal/ folksy link unless my lovely customer contacted me direct. Just drop each shop a quick line explaining, and I am sure it can all be sorted.
Happy folksy shopping.
Suzzie x

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Oh dear, there seem to be a lot of gremlins, and not just for guest buyers.
Is this why sales are so bad?


This really is a worry and as it gets closer to Christmas, people get more frantic and if they’re being stopped from paying, will just move on and buy elsewhere. I’ve had 3 sales recently and 2 were attributed to eBay - which would be fine if I even had an eBay shop :smirk:

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That’s not good Rachel. We know there have been issues for some buyers trying to use guest checkout and we’ve informed PayPal. They told us they will be pushing a fix for it last night, so we’ll have to do some more investigation and see what’s happening now.

Doug is on it.

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Hi - if people could let me know the email addresses they were trying to check out with, that would be really helpful, thankyou. Could you let us know through support, rather than post your email address here on a public forum?
The email address would be the one associated with your PayPal account, or the one you supplied during guest checkout.

I’ve just had a second customer ( this week ) have problems paying as a ‘guest’ . I hope PayPal sort it soon , as not every customer is patient and will persevere with purchase :confused:
Glad you’re on it @dougfolksy :slight_smile: any update , ??!

Hi Doug, I am not a guest am I as I have an account. I was trying to use the same email that I pay my fee’s etc through. I presume support is the email address - I will send you the details on there. Rachel

Thanks for that, Rachel. I can see the transaction, now, and it looks like it failed with the same code as the others did.
I received a message from PayPal saying that they’ve deployed a fix for the issues they were experiencing, and we haven’t seen any incidences of the same error code since then. We’re hoping that means that the issue is fixed, but of course we will continue to monitor the transaction logs.
I’ll let you know here if there are any other developments.
And thanks so much for being so vigilant and letting us know when there are issues.


@dougfolksy Is the Paypal problem just a Folksy / Paypal issue ?
I would have thought if Paypal were having problems affecting everything it would be plastered all over the news and social media.

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I have now managed to buy items from folksy with no glitches so fingers crossed.

I’ve noticed Folksy sales saying they have come via ebay too? I also don’t sell on ebay. Odd?

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Yes, according to the customer support person I was in touch with, this was a PayPal issue where they were returning considerably more of the specific error we were seeing in these cases than they should be.
It wasn’t a total outage or anything, but it was an significant enough bug that when we raised it with them, they were aware of it and taking steps to fix it.

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Thanks Doug. Hope that fixes it. Nothing worse than trying to buy something and failing to complete the sale. Drives me to distraction. Hopefully it hasn’t done the same thing to any of our customers.

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