Folksy Ltd

Customer having an issue with paying

Hi All. Can anyone help please?
I’ve received an email from folksy today which states that a customer has ordered one of my products but they are struggling to pay. It then states ‘please get in touch with them to help sort out their problem’. It then says the issue the customer has reported is ‘to pay by credit card please’.
Er, what am I supposed to do, how can I sort out their problem?

If the order has been placed, it should appear on your dashboard and you will have the customer’s e-mail address. You can then send them an invoice through Paypal, which they can pay using either a Paypal account or a debit or credit card. If they manage to pay that way, you can then go back to your dashboard and mark the order as having been paid.
Hope that helps.

Hi @FluffStuffCrafts Thanks for your reply. Does that mean that Folksy fees are avoided?

No you will still have to pay folksy their commission. Not sure how the paypal fees work though when you send an invoice in that manner, guessing that they will want their cut it is whether it is the same % or not.

Paypal fees work just the same as usual when you send an invoice.