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Paypal Issues or Folksy problem?

(Eridana) #1

Has anyone else having Paypal or Payment processing issues? A client ordered and found it impossible to pay for her order - eventually I persuaded her to cancel the original order and place a second order - this one went through without any problems. Am worried this has happened again as I have an order which has not been paid for after a day and a half… oh the other issue was that the client did not get my emails to her informing her the payment had not gone through…

(HartAndCraft) #2

Check if she is using an android device. If she is, there is a known problem and folksy have posted info at the checkout what she needs to do to pay.

(Eridana) #3

Thank you !

(HartAndCraft) #4

Forgot to mention, sometimes emails to purchasers may find their way into their junk mail which isn’t helpful if they don’t check their junk mail! Someone else suggested recently that you could write a letter to them if they don’t respond to your email as, once they purchase, you will receive their address details.

(HartAndCraft) #5

As far as I’m aware the issue hasn’t yet been resolved:

( Valerie Dockerty) #6

The last 2 orders I have had were not paid and had to cancel them both customers did not get back to me so are unsure whether they had any issues with paying.

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(Claire Woodhead) #7

I’ve had the same problem with a sale that would have gone to the USA. Unfortunately after several attempts the customer gave up and I had to cancel the sale. I even sent him a paypal invoice directly, but he never seemed to get that either :cry:

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(Eridana) #8

Another order today where payment has not cleared - the second in four days… I wish there was some way of knowing whether the customer is trying to pay and encountering a problem. As someone mentioned, if our emails end up in their junk/spam folder they may not realise we are trying to contact them.

( Valerie Dockerty) #9

Another non payment tonight all orders I have had in the last 10 days no one has paid there must be an issue with paypal never had this many orders one after the other not being paid

(HartAndCraft) #10

Hi Camilla, we’d really appreciate it if you would draw Folksy staff attention to this - it seems to be an ongoing, big problem that could be seriously impacting Folksy reputation. Yours is the only @ I can remember at this time of night!

If the PayPal issue has been resolved (as we were told it would be weeks ago), I don’t remember being informed. And we still seem to have an ongoing issue with non-payment and non-completion of orders.

Please get someone to scroll back through this thread regarding recent sales issues; sellers know there are issues but haven’t a clue what those issues are.

(Camilla) #11

This problem was fixed by Paypal a while ago so it shouldn’t still be happening. Doug is also working on an upgrade to a new Paypal API which will be released in the next few months.

Can I ask, when you do have a customer who is experiencing Paypal problems do you report it to It is normally a problem at the customer’s end but we might be able to help.