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Payment help

Can someone help me, my customer’s are having problems paying, I got a family member to order something so I could see what reason is given. It says my seller ID is mandatory but I’m not sure where or what this is. This has only been a problem in the last month. I’ve had no problems before. I have contacted folksy support but I have a customer trying to pay now so just seeing if anyone else has had this problem. Thank you in advance.

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I’m afraid I haven’t seen this before - but I had a customer having issues a few weeks ago. People suggested sending them a paypal invoice - could you try that for this customer until support get back to you?

Thank you :blush: yes this is what I suggested and it was fine for customers a few weeks ago, just hope this customer is ok with it too. Just worried if it continues someone might not be happy to do this and I will loose business :weary:

You can use the urgent email address if your customers aren’t able to pay ( Making sure customers can buy without any problems is as important to them as it is to us, so they’ll try to figure out what the problem is as soon as they can. I’m sure that screenshot will be very helpful too.

Hopefully the customer will be ok with the alternative payment option, and the issue is sorted before it can affect any others.

Ah thank you so much. Yes I forgot about the urgent email address, I will give that a go now!