Folksy Ltd

Customer cant pay by card

had a message to say customer doesnt’ want to use paypal but couldn’t pay by card at checkout. this is what she reported
“At payment it asked for PayPal which I don’t have. I was then asked to complete a form which I did and I advised I could pay either with debit/ credit card. I then had a message to say the seller had been contacted re payment.”

Not familiar what happens at checkout so not sure what to advise her
Can you help?

Although you accept payments through Stripe, she won’t have got the option to pay this way if she was buying items from more than one shop.
If she doesn’t want to use PayPal you should be able to log in to Stripe to send a payment request to her email address. Once she has done this you can mark the order as paid on Folksy and carry on as normal.


thank you that is very helpful