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Customer having trouble paying

How long would you wait after contacting a customer regarding trouble paying?
I got in touch with the customer yesterday morning, giving her the option of continuing with the payment with som whelp, or I’d cancel the order if she had changed her mind.

How long would you wait before cancelling the order?

Did you get a message via Folksy that she was having trouble paying? That’s happened to me a couple of times lately. I always message back something like “Thanks for choosing (item name). I’m sorry you’re having a problem with the payment. I am sending you a Paypal invoice so that you can pay me directly. Most customers find this an good solution” Then I send them the invoice, which has always been paid.
Perhaps send her an invoice? If she doesn’t pay it or contact you within 24 hours, cancel the order?

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That’s a good ide, I’ll try that. Thanks :grin:
I didn’t already email her so maybe I should wait until tomorrow so I’m not bombarding her.

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