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Orders Not Paid

(Jessie Growden) #1


So I had a look down the topics and got bogged down in posts from aaaages ago trying to figure out what to do!
Someone placed an order on Friday, and still haven’t paid.
Should I get in touch with them?
Should I wait and see if they’ll get around to it (Do Folksy have a way of e-mailing people that do this?

It’s a one-off, and I’ve sold another very similar item last week, so I’m worried that it’s now hidden when someone has no intention of actually ordering it, and someone else that actually would pay for the order could be missing out on seeing it!

What to do! Any Ideas?


(Sasha Garrett) #2

Double check that the potential purchaser hasn’t put a comment on the order asking if they could pay by cheque - happened to me once and when I replied saying yes I was happy to accept cheques she popped it in the post to me and it was all sorted just a bit slower than normal - in those circumstances you can manually mark the order as paid once thwe cheque has cleared. The paypal link that people get sent if they don’t immediately pay for an item only stays valid for 24 hours so if the order was placed on friday it will no longer be active. If there is no message on the order then cancel it (there should be a button at the bottom of the order) and send an email to the person explaining that the paypal link would no longer be active so you’ve cancelled the order however if they wish to reorder the item here is the link to it… (cancelling the order would have returned it to your shop). You could also politely enquire as to whether they had issues with paypal as folksy is looking for details of what goes wrong so that they can improve the system.
Hopefully that solves your dilemma.

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(Jessie Growden) #3

Thanks Sasha! I’ll have another look at the order :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #4

i contact them once and then if no response after 24 hours, i cancel the order.
in the past, people have usually got back in touch - either to pay, or say they no longer want item.
when i contact them i ask if they need any help etc and say if i don’t hear from them i will cancel the order.

hope this helps.

(Brenda Cumming) #5

I had one on Friday too…I contacted the person and had no reply, so I have cancelled the sale and put the item back in my shop…

(Christine E.) #6

I had one on Friday, too. I sent her a message, got no reply and cancelled it after 24 hours. It was particularly annoying as it had only just been chosen for Folksy Favourites so was taken from view for much of the weekend. This is only the second time a “buyer” hasn’t replied to me. So rude and inconsiderate…

(Ali Joyce) #7

I had one on Thursday. Given that I don’t sell much it was a shame but I had no response to an email enquiring whether they had had a problem with the checkout process so I cancelled the order - such a pity.
Edit: By way of compensation, I’ve now sold two pieces since - happy days :slight_smile:

(Emma) #8

I had an order today for one of my sausage dog coasters but I’m still awaiting payment :frowning: quite disappointing as it’s only my 4th sale…still hoping they will pay x

(Joy Salt) #9

If they still haven’t paid then you Need to email them. Ask if they reaslise they haven’t paid and if so have they had a problem and can you help.
Point them at the payment link in the email they got from Folksy and emphasie the link only works for 24 hours. As long as the order is in place they can;t go back in and do it again as it is now out of stock / reserved against the order. Most customers don’t realise this and if they do try again after a payment problem think they;re too late and someone else bought it first.

If it is a payment problem suggest that you can send them a Paypal invoice which usually avoids the problems,

Apologies for typos but my right hand fingers are mainly Dead at the moment and keep hitting thge wrong buttons.

(Emma) #10

I emailed my customer this morning and she had problems at checkout…all resolved now so happy days :smile:

(Claire Woodhead) #11

So annoyed, I had an order from a lady in Portugal but hasn’t paid. I emailed her but no reply. I’m annoyed because it would have been my first sale this month. Been very quiet. Hey ho, carry on making I suppose, oh and promoting of course!

(JollySmall) #12

Hi Claire,
That’s really frustrating isn’t it. I wonder if she had problems at checkout like my customer on Monday?? (Managed to sort that eventually) But I guess it isn’t that easy when it’s overseas - maybe she only speaks Portuguese?
Deep breath and keep going - you’ve got some lovely things in your shop :slight_smile:

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(Claire Woodhead) #13

Thank you. Yes, maybe she doesn’t understand the email I sent! Never mind, I’ll move on! Glad yours was sorted out.

( Valerie Dockerty) #14

Anyone else having problems with people paying for orders at the moment I had two yesterday one I have emailed the customer but have had no reply so I don’t know if they had a problem paying or not I also had one earlier this month

(Dawn Sneesby) #15

It’s so frustrating Jennie when you don’t get a reply isn’t it? I had a sale last night and payment came through ok but earlier in the month I had an ‘awaiting payment’ but a couple of hours later payment came through so I don’t know if it was a paypal problem.

(Love Bubbles) #16

I have had a couple of ‘awaiting payment’ for my orders seems a bit of a coincidence we all have had the same thing happen I am wondering if there is a problem with Paypal and Folksy connection.

(HartAndCraft) #17

There is a known problem at the PayPal end which PayPal are working on fixing. When a buyer is at the checkout there is info informing them what they need to do in the meantime. I’ll see if I can find it for you…

(Love Bubbles) #18

This isn’t acceptable lots of people have lost money, and I contacted Folksy Admin myself and spoke to you and you told me there wasn’t a problem now you are saying that there is.

( Valerie Dockerty) #19

Had another 2 orders not paid this week

(Dawn Sneesby) #20

Oh that’s really frustrating Jennie, I still can’t understand why it shows up in your dashboard as sold when they haven’t been paid for. To me they are not bought until they are paid for so why can’t Folksy sort that out. I have got about three pieces of jewellery on my items sold page that aren’t actually sold because they stay there even after you have cancelled everything.