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If I issue a refund, how do I get back my fees from Folksy?

I am in the process of issuing a customer with a refund - they ordered a bangle from me and basically did not pay close enough attention to the diameter and found out it was too large for them. I have informed the customer that I will work with them on the refund, but they need to pay for the postage when returning the item to me. What do I have to actually refund them? Price of item and postage listed on sales? How do I get my sales fees taken off my Folksy bill? Any other helpful information you may have for me? Thanks

I think you have to refund the price of the item and the postage they paid the return postage they have to pay unless faulty you can contact folksy support and they will refund the charges.

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Under the distance selling regulations (or whatever the current name is) you have to refund the selling price and the initial P&P (but not the return postage) but only if they have contacted you about the return within 14 days of recieving it and then return it within an additional 14 days. If you go onto paypal and find the appropriate transaction and click on ‘details’ it will bring up a page which should have ‘issue refund’ about half way down, click on that and follow the instructions. Paypal automatically refunds its fees as it does the refund. DON’T issue the refund until you have the item back (or they might not send it back or claim it lost in the post) and have inspected it for damage. If you drop an email to folksy they will remove their fees from your bill.
I think that covers everything.

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Thanks, it was the last part I really wanted the answer for. I could not find anywhere in the Folksy rules and policies on how you get your fees returned when doing a refund. Also, thanks for reminding me not to send the refund until after I receive the item back and inspect it for any damages. Thanks again.