Customer with problems paying by stripe

I need a bit of help please folks! I have contacted Support about it, but waiting for them to come back to me and also don’t want to bombard them with too many questions.

Had a message from a customer to say she was having trouble paying by card, and from the message she was receiving, I thought maybe my Stripe account isn’t set up properly, so that is what I have asked Folksy to check (I’ve never had a Stripe Payment, I thought perhaps that’s why). But I have looked at my Stripe account and all looks OK to me.

I’ve suggested that the customer tries through Paypal, as I believe you can pay through Paypal even if you don’t have an account. Am I correct? Or perhaps you can only do it a certain number of times? She said she will try, but hasn’t come back to me yet.

If for whatever reason she cannot (or perhaps doesn’t want to) pay through Paypal, is another option for me to send a PayPal invoice to her and then she pays that with her card?

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I think there is a limit but if she hasn’t done lots of paypal payments without an account before she should be fine… it’s just carefully looking for the small link that lets you pay without an account. It can often be a bit hidden away because of course they’d prefer people to sign up.

If she can’t work it out going through Folksy, then you can go to your paypal account, go to the “request money” section and put in her email address and the amount. She’ll get an email and again there should be the option for her to sign in to an account or pay without an account.

Thank you very much for your reply Kim. That is more or less what I thought, but wanted to check before I contacted her again.

@plumporridge Hi, is she trying to buy from more than one customer? I had a similar problem and it turned out the customer had put several items in her basket from different sellers and one of the sellers didn’t accept Stripe so none of the payments would go through.

That’s a good point Zoe, I hadn’t thought of that. It looks like my Stripe is set up OK, although I am going to try a test purchase today to check it as I’ve never actually received a payment through it.

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Just an update, I tried a test purchase with a credit card and it doesn’t work for me either! I have gone through everything on my Stripe dashboard, I’m convinced there must be a box needs ticking or something, but cannot make any sense of it all, so I have asked Stripe for help.

Stripe were very helpful and it turns out that it was a bit missing on my URL, so just had to update that. I’ve done another test purchase and it worked beautifully.