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Card payment issue?

(Charlotte Trimm) #1

Hello all!
Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with customers who are paying via credit/debit card rather than paypal? I’ve had 2 in the past week or so that I’ve contacted as payment hasn’t come through and both have said the card payment failed but still want their items.
Also just want to flag it up to our lovely admin just incase there is an issue between Folksy - card providers/bank systems which needs a tweak or little telling off to make it work right or if it’s already been flagged up and being sorted out @HilaryP?
Don’t feel like technology is my friend at the moment I’ve got an order issue with my ink cartridge supplier, a dress return and emails going astray yay for running an online business!lol

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I had this problem last week - apparently people can only use paypal as a guest user for a certain number of times. After that they have to sign up for a Paypal account (I think they can still enter their card details rather than sign in to paypal to pay at that point but they need to have an account).
I would agree with you about technology but my computer is listening and I want to stay on its good side…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

The only payment on folksy is via paypal.

However if you customer doesn’t yet have a paypal account they can use the paypal guest functions for their credit/debit card and like Sasha says they can only do that a ‘certain’ amount of times before paypal refuses to let them do that and ask them instead to open up a paypal account.

Either your customers are not using paypals guest option properly or they have ‘used up’ their quota of paypal guest payment options.

Whatever you do don’t send any thing out until you have the money.

(Charlotte Trimm) #4

Right that makes sense I didn’t know there was a restriction on the amount of times you could guest checkout without creating an account on paypal I’ve had an account for so long it’s never been a problem for me.
Obviously the card transaction gets turned into a paypal payment through the system so I am only going with what method they are saying they used and is resulting in an issue and now I know why.
I never send items without payment and I can’t in these cases anyway as they are pre-orders so I don’t physically have the items to send just yet!