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Buyer could not pay using PayPal

My friend tried to buy one of my brooches. PayPal refused her 4 times. Now she has messaged me to say the money has been taken from her bank account twice. Nothing is registering on my shop. I’m hoping it will show up tomorrow.

there’s definitely something afoot with paypal - i’ve had messages via social media and from folksy about customers struggling to pay.
i’ve been emailing them paypal invoices directly and they’ve had no trouble paying that way.

i’d log in to your paypal account in the morning and see what’s gone in, then refund your friend the excess.

all a bit of a convoluted pain in the a***, but hopefully it’ll sort itself out soon.

This could be why nearly all of my recent customers have paid with Stripe - is normally more 50:50.

The problem with this is not all of us can have Stripe as I have proved lately.

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@Caroleecrafts i read about all the trouble you had / went to, and i refuse to add stripe on the principle of the thing :wink:

i figure if paypal doesn’t work, there’s bank transfers or cheques. Husband’s always telling me “you’re fiona T. not fiona Prime.” :joy:
if a customer doesn’t get in touch & i lose a sale i never knew about, i’m okay with that.

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I’m the same as Fiona - I’ll take PayPal or a bank transfer online.

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I agree Fiona also have sum up who now do invoices an alternative to PayPal.

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Thanks for all the replies. At the moment my PayPal account is saying it’s rejected/sent. The money is not showing up on my account.
My friend says they’ve taken 2 amounts from her bank. All very confusing! Marilyn

Hi, I had trouble the other when a buyer had problems paying via paypal I tried to get into my account to see if anything was wrong on the 3rd go it showed my old email address but it won’t let me do anything. Manage to email the buyer and told her to try again in the morning. When I tried in the morning it was back to normal. Perhaps they were too busy or something because when I tried to log it did not look like the normal site.

A few years back I had an issues with paypal where they were taking the money from my account but then deciding that the transaction was to fund something dodgy and refusing to finish the transaction - I could see this as a note against the transaction in my paypal account. The money was returned to my credit card in about 48 hours. The seller had no idea that i was trying to buy from her other than me emailing her and saying paypal’s being a jerk please put the following on hold until they stop. We eventually figured out that there must have been some trigger words in the listing that made paypal think it we were funding terrorism (no I wasn’t, I was trying to buy marbled cards) but paypal didn’t actually tell us that. I paid her by bank transfer in the end.

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I had a problem yesterday with someone who couldn’t use paypal but seems to have had problems in the past, so didn’t want to have a paypal invoice. In the end, I used my SumUp remotely, which I’d only ever used at craft fairs before where the customer would put in their own credit card and details. I sent her a SumUp invoice and seconds later it was all done. I’d certainly use that method if it happened again.


I am thinking of putting the SumUp bit on my front page as so easy to use the remote option.


Silvana @SilvanaJewellery and Caroline @Caroleecrafts it’s useful to know that it’s easy to send a SumUp invoice. I’ve been put off setting up Stripe after all the verification and fraud issues. When customers have problems paying with PayPal at the checkout, I’ve always sent a PayPal invoice. However, if I ever had one who just didn’t want to use PayPal at all, it’s good to know I can use my SumUp account as a backup.


Yes, I’m intrigued with the remote option with Sumup. It hadn’t occurred to me that it could be used like that, so thanks!


I’ve been really busy all year but the last 3 weeks, when you’d think things would be busy, have been strangely quiet and the customers I have had have used Stripe. I just thought things had gone quiet, but this thread has made me wonder.

I tried checking out earlier and my pp was rejected so paid via stripe. Not sure what is up with it.

@tanyawannerton Was this between 7 and 9? I notice there was some maintenance work going on today, so I’m not sure if that might have affected things.

It might have been (around teatime). I am still searching folksy for stocking fillers so if it happens again I will contact pp.