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When it goes a bit wrong!

(francescaburke) #1

I couldn’t find another thread, feel free to merge if there is one! I think I fluffed an order earlier and sent a customer 5 pencils instead of the 3 they ordered. I have a cold and had 4 orders across 2 platforms so my brain is sludge. :joy: I sent the customer a message telling her to keep the spares if I got it wrong!

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done with an order? I read on another site once that someone accidentally mailed their scissors with an order and the customer shipped them back. :joy:

(Brenda Cumming) #2

I don’t think I have done anything silly yet…but there is still time…lol

(Martine Brumwell) #3

This wasn’t an order but I once gave my friend’s daughter a pinafore dress for Christmas and when she opened it on Christmas morning she asked her mum why I had given her a pair of scissors for Christmas with the dress - I wondered where they had got to when I was wrapping my parcels :blush:

( Carol ) #4

In my early days I sold knitting yarn. I had two customers both order a single ball of yarn in different colours. Yes, I mixed the address labels so they received each others! They were both very nice and offered to just send them both to each other but it was my mistake so I allowed them to keep what I had sent and I sent them their correct order.

(francescaburke) #5

It’s nice they were okay with it - I’ve had orders go askew in the postal system, bent over backwards to fix it and had absolutely no thank yous or acknowledgement.

(Susan Bonnar) #6

One of my first Folksy sales was a large album and I wanted to take a photo of it before it was packaged up. Because the cover slanted down from the spine I popped a pair of little socks under it so I could get the photo with it looking straight! Then of course I managed to post the album with the socks still inside! Thomas the Tank Engine lol! Scary that actually that was in 2010 - the sock owner is now 16! The customer thought it was funny!

(francescaburke) #7

Haha! Did they send the socks back?

(Susan Bonnar) #8

No - although I think they did offer! I did have to replace though for my Son!

(Natalie Franca) #9

Erm… I just this minute refunded a customer the full payment of £51 they paid me for their order instead of refunding £1.50 for postage over payment!!! Oh dear!!

Luckily, it’s someone who I used to work with so I’m sure all will be fine. I just sent her an apology email and PayPal invoice.

I feel very stupid :flushed::flushed:

(francescaburke) #10

That is absolutely spectacular. Make yourself a tea (or something stronger!).

(Susan Bonnar) #11

Uh oh! Fingers crossed! I have very very very nearly done that before via Paypal!

(Natalie Franca) #12

I’m in work - Xmas Baileys for me when I get home! She’s just emailed and was very lovely about it and will be paying it back. I’m sooooo grateful it was someone I knew! I also bet she wouldn’t have even been bothered about the £1.50 postage over payment refund in the first place!

(Denise Busby) #13

I did that a couple of months ago, I refunded her what I thought was excess postage when in fact I had refunded the full cost of the order. Luckily she had seen the mistake and sent me the payment again. She even said not to worry about the postage. As she has been a very good customer I sent her next order (and she has had a few) free of charge. I have never met her but she is like a friend

( Carol ) #14

Nice to know we aren’t the only ones. Just found this in my pack of Christmas gift tags :joy:

(francescaburke) #15

Perfect for 25th Dec birthdays…