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Daily Art thread Monday 31st March

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

This is the place to show all things Art and ACEO on Monday 31st March

This is one of my small postcard size pieces of Art In Wax

(Trevor Harvey) #2

Theoretically this is my newest picture:

Nope. Still won’t let me post a picture :frowning:

How long does a new poster have to wait…?

(Sian ) #3

Sorry, I’m having to do it manually at the moment - you should be good to go now![quote=“Century21Art, post:2, topic:101”]
How long does a new poster have to wait…?

(Trevor Harvey) #4

Ta very much! :smile:

Woo - it works!

(Jan Ryan) #5

Trying a picture :smile:

Jan x

(Stephanie Guy) #6

(Margaret Jackson) #7

It’s brilliant to see you all here! Fabulous flower Hazel, beautifully restful scene Trevor and a lovely daffy Stephie!

Hi Jan your pictures worked and looks good!

(Hazel Rayfield) #8

Great to see you here Margaret - I think the new forum will be a great success :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #9

Me too! I’ve not worked out how to do emoticons yet though.

(Stephanie Guy) #10

Just type a colon and a bracket, it will do the reest for you :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #11

Like this? :smile:

YAY it worked, thanks Stephie!

(Stephanie Guy) #12

Or if you type the colon and wait, it’ll bring up a list of available emoticons :sunny:

(Stephanie Guy) #13

Yay :smile:

Not liking the 20 characters thing :frowning:

(Margaret Jackson) #14

:blush: So it does! This is so much fun! I’m going to try a picture next. No I know what you mean, you have to remember to say more than just YAY!

(Margaret Jackson) #15

Barn door

That was easy! This is the barn door I painted last week in Judith’s workshop.

(Trevor Harvey) #16

That’s nice Margaret :smile: Nice to see we’re all slowly finding our way here!

(Margaret Jackson) #17

Thanks Trevor. Yes, and I keep forgetting now to look at the old forum!

(Trevor Harvey) #18

That’s a good sign this one will be a success!

(Jan Ryan) #19

Just add full stops…

(Trevor Harvey) #20

Blank spaces might work too - I know it does on Etsy…