Daily Listing Challenge and Group Promotion Thread July 2024

Welcome to the July 2024 Daily Listing Challenge and Promotion Thread

I’m Sue from @SueTrevor , and I’ll be hosting the July thread. Huge thanks to Mel @aquilacrafts for looking after us so well during June.

It is a CHALLENGE thread which means that after listing you must visit ALL the other participants shops via their daily link AND ‘:heart:’ that listing in the shop .

The rules are outlined below. It takes a bit of time but it is a great way to get valuable extra exposure for your shop and the support of other folksy folks. There will be plenty of friendly thread regulars who’ll help you with any difficulties and we do have a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

Firstly click on each participants ‘item link’ for that day - this will take you to the listing in their shop. Then click on the :heart: just underneath price. Hearting the item will give it a brief appearance on the Folksy front page - so the item has more of a chance of getting seen (this is the main rule for joining in ).

Next share your item for the day on this thread so everyone can :heart:it for you. To do this go to the item in your shop and copy its URL at the top of the page (the line beginning with https: // folksy. com / items/). Then return to this thread, hit the blue reply button at the very bottom of this page. Next add your message and paste the link you copied - leave a space between your message and the link so it brings up a thumbnail of your item (Items can be a new listing or an existing/re-list, we don’t mind as long as it’s a different item each day).

You must be prepared to join in regularly throughout the month - missing the odd day or two is fine and of course joining in for part month is fine too, we understand not everyone can join in every single day, but **please do not ‘post and run’

It’s great If you can promote a few others as well by tweeting or pinning items from the thread (just occasionally pick some items if you can) or you can create a #FolksyFriday collage and share it far and wide.

**Let me know when you have a Folksy sale so we can add it to the tally, celebrate and happy dance with you.

I hope we all have a great July

It’s well worth checking out the ‘home page themes’ - they can be found on your dashboard under ‘improve your shop’ - use the tags and increase your chances of inclusion in gifts guides etc.

Upcoming hosts

August Anna @Fififoxi
September Elizabeth @PatchworkPackages
October Alison @FluffStuffCrafts
November Mel @aquilacrafts
December Sue @SueTrevor
***Cover for all of above except September Max @MaxPringJewellery ***

The story so far for 2024 - sales total by month:

January 247 sales - February 227 sales - March190- April 131 sales - May 138 sales June 187: sales

Glint beads 2
GweddusArt 4
Patchwork packages 6
Deborah Jones Jewellery 6
Pamela Jones Art 1
Aquilacrafts 19
Sue Trevor 9
Judy Rowley Art 2
Crafty Nature 3
Pamccrafts 3
Orchard Felts 1
MinpinTowers 1
Felsted Fleece 1
Dottery Pottery 23
Kokoblue 3
Caroleecrafts 3
XStitcherJoss 2
Rosy Moon 1

July sales tally: 90


Morning everyone, Happy 1st July :sun_with_face: thanks Mel @aquilacrafts for looking after everyone so well last month.
I hope we have lots of sales this month and the sunshine continues to shine down on us all :sun_with_face:

My listing for today



Good Morning All.

I am back with friends, have missed you all. Not sure what happened last night, got ready for bed and felt ill, so cold. My hands and feet were like ice, then the headache started a real humdinger. After 2 hours ended up taking PANADOL as could not sleep with the pain. Lee was in panic mode but thankfully feel much better this morning.

Okay have been crafting this month but a large project called ‘Creep on June’ involved a box full of Gothic loveliness. Tabs, pockets, journal, notebooks and more will showcase later in the month.

For today a set of ephemera, using up papers. Ephemera Set - Pocket, file folder, notebook - ... - Folksy


I’m glad your feeling better this morning Caroline :heart:and welcome back to the thread :heart:


Thank,p you for taking up the reigns this month Sue @SueTrevor


Good morning - back with good intentions, wonder how long that will last!!
For today at least I have a new listing, might be a few of these coming up as I am making some up for an event I have at the end of the month.



good morning all…
Thank you for last month Mel @aquilacrafts and welcome back and thank you for taking over this month Sue @SueTrevor
Welcome back Caroline @Caroleecrafts
Here’s hoping for a good month for everyone


Hi everyone. Just dropping in to say I’ll not be around for a week or so. My dad is really improving but pneumonia is no joke and it will be a couple more weeks before he is back to his old self so I’ve got my hands full. I will drop in when I can and do a bit of loving though.

By the way Roz @OrchardFelts you have a typo on your title for you needle felted picure!

Have a super week everyone and thanks Sue @SueTrevor for hosting this month. :wave:t3:


Hope your Dad is back to normal soon Anna


Good Morning All. Happy 1st of July.

Dollshouse Baby in a Finely Knitted Pram-Suit. Assorted style



Happy July everyone! Having my hair coloured this morning. Thank goodness I have it done at home…it’s nice and curly straight after washing but after being brushed it’s like a football with a splash of electricity through it!! :rofl:

A different colour way in my head embroidery balloon kit.


Good Morning everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that your Dad is still struggling Fiona @Fififoxi - sending him lot of speedy recovery vibes x

Well, my FIL has made somewhat of a miraculous recovery! The end of life nurses came yesterday and took all his vital signs and after the paramedics saying his lung had collapsed on Friday, yesterday he had 94% oxygen and had perked right up! Everyone was stood there open mouthed…lol! I’m not sure what that means as they said the lower part of his lung was still not working properly but they’ve taken him off the end of life plan and whisked away the morphine! He has COPD, so at this point, I don’t think he’s totally out of the woods but it’s a much better position to be in than last week…phew!


Thanks so much for running the thread last month Mel @aquilacrafts and thanks Sue @SueTrevor for taking over this month x

My listing today is:



Hello all

I just tried to open one of my items and got this broken message … then tried others including some above and keep getting it. Is anyone else getting this?


Good news about your FIL Sarah @dotterypottery …I hope he continues to improve.


Good morning everyone.

I hope you dad improves quickly Anna @Fififoxi x

That’s good news about you FiL Sarah @dotterypottery, I hope he continues to get better x

Well I’m feeling a little shaken today, I had a funny turn (as my mum would have said) yesterday evening and banged my head, hurt my wrist and finger. I hope it’s just a one off as it’s a bit difficult getting up off the floor these days!

Finally a new listing!



Good morning everyone! Faved to here…


Hope everyone has a great month ahead x


Good morning all.

Glad to hear fathers and FILs are improving fingers crossed all continues.

Hilary @kokoblue oh no what a shock take care and be careful!

Caroline @Caroleecrafts pleased to have you back glad you are feeling better.

I am tackling Edinburgh visitor parking permits on behalf of my mum this morning - wish me luck!

My listing today is my latest wool on wool felt embroidered landscapes: