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Deletion after sale?

(Rachel) #1


Just wondered if after you have made a sale you delete the item from your shop ?

Thank you


(Fiona Thomson) #2

leave it where it is so it still comes up on google searches, pinterest links etc, and so potential customers can see what you’ve sold - they might want something similar.

i often get enquiries about stuff and can link to an old thing “something like this?”

(Rachel) #3

Thank you Fiona, I have been deleting them for the past year so they didnt “clutter” up the place. I will now leave them in situ and thank you for your answer. Rachel

(Roz) #4

Never thought of that fiona @fionaT. Like Rachel I had been deleting to keep things tidy as a lot of my items are OOAK but will leave it now! :slight_smile:

(Shirley Woosey) #5

Definitely not! Rachel @Glehcar

Who knows who will see it and maybe want one just like it or something similar.
I often get requests from customers about things which turn up on Google or Pinterest but have sold, and if I can’t make the same again I can offer them something similar usually.

Shirley x

(Rachel) #6

Actually Shirley @WhimsyWooDesigns it was something that you meantioned on another thread that has had me puzzling about this, hence the question. @Rozcraftz glad I am not the only one that thought this :smile:Rachel

(Margaret Jackson) #7

I often look at people’s sold items, and sometimes want something similar. I think it’s a mistake to delete sold items, it’s like a catalogue of your successful sales.

(Joy Salt) #8

I sometimes direct people to my Sold items so they can see the other things I make which are not currently in stock.
I wouldn’t dream of deleting them.
Also - when I make a replacement for something I’ve sold, I always use the listing of the sold one and copy it for my new listing. Saves an awful lot of typing !

Joy xx

(Rachel) #9

and once deleted I presume there is no way to get them back? :frowning:

(Shirley Woosey) #10

No I don’t think you can get them back.
Never mind, you know now and they will soon start building up Rachel @Glehcar

I look at at sold items too, when I am thinking of buying something. I like what Margaret @Louisa15 says - “a catalogue of successful sales”. Sounds wonderful.

Shirley x

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #11

Ohh! I hadn’t thought of this! Thank you for noting it! ;0

(Rachel) #12

Sorry another question please, what about expired items do you delete those, I have let some items expire as firstly they were getting no interest and secondly (more importantly) I wasnt too happy with them. Thank you and sorry for all the silly questions. Rachel

(Denise Hayes) #13

@Glehcar - Why weren’t you happy with them? can you tweak them, reuse the materials, or edit the photos or listing to see if they sell?

Not everything sells right away, but it may eventually go! I’ve just had a pair of handwarmers sell that I wasn’t going to list again and was going to reuse the yarn for something else.

One of my popular items on here sold out very quickly and I still get hits on the listing, even though there is no way I can offer them again.

(Rachel) #14

Hi @lookingglassdesigns yes reusing materials is something I do do. I have been on here just over a year and am surprised when something sells that I have forgotten about. Rachel

(Karen Ellam) #15

I made the mistake of deleting the listing for the first thing I ever sold. I only realised later on that it doesn’t appear in your sold items once deleted, and I was gutted.
I never delete them now as I think its nice for customers to see what we’ve sold.
It can sometimes get tricky keeping abreast of the long list of items in the dashboard when your shop grows.
I guess I need to sell more lol :wink:

Karen :chocolate_bar:

(Rachel) #16

Sorry me again, so what happens when the sold item expires, does it then disappear?

(Margaret Jackson) #17

Once an item is sold it will stay in your sold items, unless deleted.

(Rachel) #18

Thank you Margaret, its just that now it appears in my expired items at the bottom of my dashboard - hence my confusion ( I am easily confused I took the day off work for a wedding only to find that its 8th August 2015 )