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Just wanted to know what you do when you sell an item from your Folksy shop at a craft market, do you delete it or mark it as out of stock?

I would just reduce stock level to 0 so it’s out of stock. I never delete my listings as they have been shared on social media and can still bring people to my shop, even if the item they have clicked on has sold out they may buy something else!


Like Kim I just reduce the stock level so it comes up as unavailable/ out of stock. This means that any links on social media etc still work and bring people to the unavailable page rather than an ‘opps this page no longer exists’ page. I have had people contact me from out of stock pages and ask if I can make something similar again.


Thanks for your replies, I can see changing to 0 stock makes sense.

I move the item to hidden from sale. Like the other I never delete a listing.


I use the hide from sale button and edit the title to say “Sold” at the start (that’s just for my own use, as everything eventually ends up in the expired folder and I want to make extra sure I don’t accidentally relist anything I’ve already sold. I just notice that more than the quantity number).