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Disappearing purchase and messages

Can anyone advise? I bought two items from different sellers on 24th Oct. Both immediately showed as paid but only one switched to dispatched a few days later and duly arrived. I messaged the second seller because their shop was now showing “away” but never heard back. Now I can’t even see evidence of the purchase or message and PayPal isn’t showing a refund. I can’t remember the name of the seller, but didn’t think I’d have to as the details were all there in my purchases. Any suggestions?

I am really sorry to hear you have been having this sort of problem. I recommend you contact with all the details and they will help you.
As you paid by Paypal, there will be a record of the seller’s details in your PayPal history, with their email address etc, which will help Support to sort it out.

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Just adding to what @HelenCliffordArt has said, you should have an email confirmation too with details that you can send to support. Hope this helps!

I presume you have checked your spam folder. We all use different email addresses and I sometimes find my Gmail address mails get spammed so resend using my outlook address when I don’t get a response I’m expecting.