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Discounts on only one collection in Folksy shop

Is there a way of applying a discount to only some items or collections in my shop e.g. cushions only? I have just applied a 20% discount all over as I could not find a way to do it this time. In future I would like to just pick one to two items to offer at discount prices. Thank you for any help, and while I am here I would just like to offer everyone on Folksy a Happy, Healthy New Year :smiley:

Sorry, there isn’t really a way of doing a specific discount, except by going into each listing and manually discounting it. If you create a discount code it applies to the whole shop. You can simply state that a discount has been applied to a particular item in the title to let customers know that it now costs less.

Sam x

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Thank you Sam. x

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Hi! I’m no expert, but I just put all lower priced items in a Sale collection, and promote that. June xxx


That’s what I will do, thank you June.x