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Do I exist when I'm on 'holiday'?!

(Ben Rowe) #1


Apologis if this has been raised before. My shop is currently in ‘holiday’ mode but it seems that my items don’t appear when searched for. Is this a default setting when in holiday mode and, if so, why? Surely it would be better to see the shop items and know when to come back to be able to purchase them. My shop does come up when searched for by name.



(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Your shop is visible when you are in holiday mode, but has a notice saying that items aren’t available. I searched for some of my items when I was in holiday mode and found them,

(Joy Salt) #3


I just searched for your items and didn’t find them and I 'm pretty sure I couldn’t search for my own when I was on holiday. So my conclusion was that items in shops on holiday are not searchable but it could be a timing thing as to when the items are indexed.

On the good side your shop is 100% visible to anyone going in there directly but… if someone goes directly to one of your listing they will see it as “unavailable” without knowing that that is because your shop is shut.

The holiday notice only shows at shop, not listing level.
This could be something which needs addressing by Folksy support

@sianfolksy - Maybe the “unavailable” could be changed to “not available at the moment - shop is on holiday” to differentiate between unavailable because it is out of stock ??

(Ben Rowe) #4

Thanks, Sara.

I can find my shop by searching for it under ‘users’, but no joy with the item search.

(Ben Rowe) #5

Thanks, Joy.

I’ve just checked again and my listings are still not visible (although, as you mention, I can find my shop under a ‘users’ search). It seems to be an instant thing that happens when you turn ‘holiday’ mode on and off. Items are invisible and then visible doing a search at the press of a button. I’ll contact Folksy support and see what they say.

(Joy Salt) #6

I’m pretty sure that the search invisibility is deliberate as there used to be a lot of complaints on here about searches bringing up lots of things which really were not available.
It’s the use of the word Unavailable I would question. It needs to be split into “Unavailable - I haven’t got one to sell to you” and “Available to buy as soon as I back from my hols”.
@sianfolksy ?

(Sian ) #7

Search results only show available items. This is because, as already mentioned, we had a lot of feedback that clicking through to unavailable items was extremely frustrating for buyers.

@JOYSofGLASS The notification for items where the shop is in holiday mode says: “This shop is on holiday. Please check back soon to order any items or send a message to the designer.”

(Joy Salt) #8

@sianfolksy Thank you for that. I need my glasses changing - I’ve not noticed that before, just the Unavailable. Sorted without anyone having to do anything :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Ben Rowe) #9

thanks @sianfolksy @JOYSofGLASS