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I'm in holiday mode but items not showing in search - is this normal?

Hello everyone - I’m pretty new to Folksy and have just put my shop in Holiday mode as I’m away for the weekend and not back until Sunday evening. I thought (from when I used to search for items on Folksy before starting to sell) that items still showed in a search but when buyers went to the shop they could then see that it’s in holiday mode and read any messages that the seller had added.

However, when I’ve done a couple of Folksy searches on my items they’re not showing and my shop seems to have ‘disappeared’. I’ve followed the link I have on my blog and that takes me to my shop and buyers can browse and see when the shop is reopening (which is what I was expecting). Have I missed something or is this normal?

Many thanks for any help and advice. Kath

Hi Kath - people were having an issue with this last week & when people were using holiday mode it was saying the shop was out of stock! I’m not sure how it should affect searches though. I would think that items should still appear, even though they can’t be purchased & then customers can see your announcement about when you’re back.
Just tagging @folksycontent @dougfolksy to see if they can confirm & in case it’s something to do with the issue last week…

If your shop is on holiday mode your items DO NOT appear in searches. I found this in the summer when I wanted to close my shop for a week. If someone comes to your shop they can still see your items but they will not appear in any searches, I left mine open for this reason as someone searching for a bear for example would not find mine if it was closed. :slight_smile:@HandmadebyKath

Thank you Dee and Debby. I’m only away for a couple of days so it’s not a great issue, but helpful to know that I’ve done it right!. @OrukiDesign @Bearlescent