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Shop taking a break but items not showing in searches - help please!

I was looking at someone’s shop I follow and there’s a message ‘This shop is taking a break. Please check back soon to order any items’. I can check the items in the shop and they all show under a search. There’s also the facility to email the designer.

However, if I put my shop in holiday mode (by checking the holiday mode box) I get the message ‘This shop is taking a break and won’t be able to process orders’ and neither my shop nor any items show up in a search.

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, shops in holiday mode aren’t supposed to show up in search results under normal circumstances (its not a particularly good experience for the customer if when they are looking through search results they keep finding things they want to buy but can’t). However we are not currently experiencing normal circumstances so Folksy might have changed that or it might just be that gremlins have crept in (its happened before) and so some shops that are in holiday mode are showing up in search results. I suggest contacting admin ( and asking them to clarify and give them details of the shop that you can see.