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Do you 'Favorite' shops or

(Jan Ryan) #1

do you just favorite items?
I like to click the Heart on my fave shops, it’s nice to see their new items when I sign in, I also like to favorite individual items, it’s great to see them on the front page when I’ve faved them.
I love it when people click the heart on one of my items, so I like to spread the joy.
Favoriting items doesn’t seem to be as big a thing over here as it is on other sites, what are your thoughts on this?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I don’t favourite shops just items (although I tend to just buy the item unless I’m looking at it as a present and want the input from the other half on it). By not favouriting shops that bit of the signed in home page shows me a random selection of shops so I get to look at things that I might not otherwise see.

(Donna) #3

I do favourite shops I like. If I need something that might make a good gift for me or someone else it’s nice to have the list of favourite shops to browse through

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

If I like an item I will but that doesn’t mean I’m in the market to buy it just that I think it’s lovely.

(Jan Ryan) #5

I’m the same Eileen, I :heart: things because I like them, not necessarily because I’m going to buy them. Some of it is about supporting or even encouraging people.

(Christine Shephard) #6

I often ‘favourite’ things and shops - it’s like paying someone a compliment and also let’s me see more of their nice things as they’re added. I think it’s great to encourage other makers, but I only do it when I genuinely like something, so it is a real ‘like’. I don’t expect people who ‘favourite’ my things to go on and buy them, it’s just nice to know they like them.

(Kim Blythe) #7

I like items and shops…but only when I genuinely like the items or shops, and as has been said, it doesn’t mean I want to buy it, just that I like it and appreciate it…

(Karen Ellam) #8

I have quite a variety of shops in my favourites. It’s nice to see people’s new makes pop up.

It’s always a lovely feeling to see someone has favourited my shop. Makes my day :blush:

(Diane Keeble) #9

I favourite items and shops and see it as a way of supporting fellow sellers as well as being a way to find items again x

(Helen Healey) #10

I favourite the items I like and, if I see a shop I particularly like, I’ll favourite the shop. Mostly it’s just because I like what I’ve seen but occasionally it’s so that I can find it again if I decide I might want to treat myself :smile:

(Tina Martin) #11

Yes, I do the same, favourite items I love and favourite shops if I like there items and maybe to come back and buy from at a later.

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(KibbleTraders) #12

I favorite items and shops with the intention of giving the shop owner a confidence boost although if someone favorites an item from our shop it does seem lovely but I think ‘can you buy it then please?’!

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(Oh Button Me) #13

I do favourite shops usually ones that catch my eye and that I want to re look at another time.

Individual items are a mix of items I just like and some I would like to buy.

(Karen Nelson) #14

You should favourite as many shops and items as you can as it increases views to your own shop and also helps other sellers

(Julie Maginn) #15

I’ve got a lovely collection of favourite shops and items. I often go through them when I want something and do actually buy quite often on here. I really enjoy looking at the new items from them everyday. I pretty much only favourite things I genuinely like. :smiley::sunny:

(Jan Ryan) #16

Oooo I love your clock :slight_smile: :mushroom:

(Julie Maginn) #17

I’m guessing that would be the toadstool one then!!! I love your unicorn, fave’d that a while back and keep looking at it!!!
:smile::mushroom: (just spent five minutes looking for the little toadstool, didn’t know there was one!! Things like that me happy!!!)

(Donna) #18

I had to go and have a look at your toadstool clock :slight_smile: I love the isle of white ones too, if you’re ever tempted to make an Isle of Anglesey one give me a shout as I’ve been looking for one :slightly_smiling:

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(Julie Maginn) #19

Can do pretty much any shape if I have an outline. The biggest problem is finding a design that works on it!! And I just had a look…you are a funny old shape!!! Still if you are serious let me know and what design you would be thinking of and I’ll let you know if I can do it!! x :mushroom:
(have to use that toadstool now I’ve found it!!)

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(Donna) #20

That’s great. could you do something with a sunset over the sea? I grew up on the West coast of Anglesey and spent many happy evenings on the beach watching the sun set :slight_smile: