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Do you have a business logo?

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I thought I could do with a logo for my work, something recognisable ( I was watching Alex Polizzi in the Fixer which probably got me thinking) and came up with an idea.
I just wondered if any of you had your own busness logo.
Does it reflect what you do? Does it work in a small size eg for letterheads or does it need to be big?

(Liz Clark) #2

I do and I re-did it earlier this year. I used to do graphic design as a job before I had the kids so did it myself. The new logo is hand drawn to reflect the handmade nature of my work. I created it in illustrator so I can scale it up or down depending what size I want to use it. I also included the strap line “handmade textile creations” as my business name doesn’t explain what it is I do! I also created a bird icon, which is what you can see next to my name in the forums here as the full logo didn’t work at such a small scale.

Have you thought about what kind of logo you’d like?

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #3

I have a logo but have variations of it for different applications…for example sometimes I have it somewhere without text as it would be too small to read anyway.


(Donna) #4

I use this picture of the Welsh bridge in Shrewsbury. I took it the first time I ever came here and fell in love with Shropshire :smile:

and I use the same avatar on everything
Donna x

(Birdandmonkey) #5

My logo is from the first kids drawing that I made into jewellery (the start of bird and monkey)

(Angela Demarco) #6

This is my logo which I use on all my media ie. facebook, twitter, business cards, stickers, shop banner etc. It was one of the first things I did when setting up my business as it gives a focus to the “brand” you are creating and enables customers to recognise your products eg at craft fairs or in shops.

(Themdustyold Viewfinders) #7

I have my @twinkleandgloomart logo and my @ThemdustyoldViewfinders logo.
The Dusty vewfinders one was a little rushed and I will get back to it soon but it works on a small scale. Although the text isn’t always visible on a small scale, the shape of the images are interesting enough on a small scale.

I made this one with a photo of one of my Brownies from my camera collection and a scan of one of the photos I took with my Vintage Pentax, I then used some photoshop wizadry to merge them together and add text. Looking back there are things I’m going to change- such as that little white bit on the side, I’ll block that off. But it works for now.

This one is my art logo, I made this one using a photo of myself as a child and a teacup I made from paper. Scanned and added text in- the original text was made using letraset, and then I made it digital. This is my second logo for my artwork, sometimes I just use the text. I would use one of my drawings but my style is always growing and changing, so I thought I would use my child self to represent me. I think the photo I used works because I look a bit curious.

(Stephanie Guy) #8

Mine is my poppy avatar, I use it across all social media and on the back of greeting cards etc.

(Angrycatcrochet) #9

I have one but I don’t use it that much, I think I prefer having my picture or the picture of the inspiration for the shop which is Jack-Jack the Angry Cat :stuck_out_tongue:

(Deborah Jones) #10

I have one with no text that I use on business cards, boxes ,tissue paper and carrier bags,
I would also like a big version of it appliqued onto the front of my stall cloth , but not got around to it yet

I am trying to work out how best to add text for other applications. What font etc.

(Rosesworkshop) #11

I have one -.

It was hand drawn for me by my Mum when she was recovering from her stroke, so it’s rather special to me. I use it on my business cards and craft stall banner in this simplest form, and as a coloured version for avatars etc.

(Jo Sara) #12

I try and use a similar font for my name over all my shops and blog, and my logo bit is the three squares which are always in shades of the same colours in the same order, but sometimes are solid colours, sometimes pastel, sometimes they are flowers in those colours, so it’s quite versatile. It does reflect what I make in that they are like mosaic tiles, and the flowers reflect the garden side of my work, but you’d have to know what I do to know that. Mostly it’s just a recognisable, flexible logo that suits me. I can change it to a white background with solid colour if I have something more contemporary to show, or a bit more relaxed with the flowers if it’s more traditional, or cottage garden.


(Aasiyah Johnson) #13

(Jan Ryan) #14

I use my Fairy Toadstools as my logo, they are used as my avatar on fb, header paper, and business cards. They are sometimes on the plain white background as on here and sometimes on a wooden background. I also use the image on any paypal invoices I send out.

(Helen Dale) #15

I have one on my page which I use on my business cards and on my sew in labels for my bags. I have also used the bag icon separately when the words made it look too cluttered. I think you need to think about how you want to use your logo first which might dictate the style to some extent. Personally I think they should be quite simple and Work equally well in black and white as they do full colour, and if possible give an easily recognisable snapshot of what you do. I had mine designed by someone local, but ended up tweaking quite a lot of it. There are plenty of folks around who do lovely design work and every time I see their work I get the urge to have a redesign, but not sure I can justify it at the mo.

(Helen Dale) #16

Oo, I really like this idea. A bit of variation but always sticking to the same overall theme!

(Aileen Clarke) #17

Mine is from a photo I took of a Peacock Butterfly sitting on a hydrangea at my back door. I cropped it and started using it as my avatar on Flickr years ago then used it across all my social media so it just kind of stuck. I use it on the back of my printed cards and business cards as well. Had a bit of a faff getting it upload here but it seems to be showing now.

(Louise Flude ) #18

I use a bright eye for Brightize Designs and made it look like a lino print to reflect the handprinted nature of my work.

(Rhombus And Pineapple) #19

I’m not sure what make a good logo, its so hard to find one ‘picture’ to describe the whole business!
Here is what we have come up with, but we have done others too on

(Shirley Price) #20

Millie’s market was started 7 years ago . My daughter Amelia was 7 years old at the time and she drew it for me. She would have liked my to call it ‘Millie;s shop’ because every little girl wants a shop at that age. Now 14 years old , she is not interested and just embarrassed , which I find amusing