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Does you shopping bag represent you?

So, I have given in to the fact that this new “bring your own bag” idea is here to stay. Sometimes I make an effort and try to take a nice bag, most times I remember at the last minute and take an old tatty supermarket bag.
I was reminded that bags have shop logos on them, and why should we advertise a big supermarket when we can advertise our own products when we go out.
So, who has their own bag with their own advert on it.
Please add pics.


I haven’t yet, but I have plans to make some with my name on…just need more hours in the day!

Good idea! I have a Folksy bag but that’s not quite the same I guess.

Good point! I have some blank canvas bags, I should really stick my logo on them and use them!

I have a few :smiley: Whenever I get a tote from the wholesalers that’s not quite perfect enough to sell I just embroider my logo on it :grin:

I do!! Haha I have these! I sell them too so someone else can advertise for me! Hehe They’re just hand Lino printed in a very rustic style but I always make sure to take mine out for bits and bobs. My husband does too!! Haha I know what you mean though- your bag is a walking advert!! So why not use it! :slightly_smiling:


I carry my own rucksack around on my back, which I’m told gets lots of admiring glances, but not my own tote bag, now there’s a thought :blush:


That rucksack is amazing sue @SueTrevor

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I haven’t got a bag with my shop name or logo on but I make a range of owl tote bags and I made myself one a couple of years ago which I’ve been using as an every-day handbag ever since


Oh, I do use one of my own bags, just not one with my shop name on it. Mine is a tote with a cat on it…
This is mine…


I usually just use fabric bags, my own design or other makers, and I’m about to make my first crochet one.
I love the fishy shop one :slight_smile:

I have a bag made for me by another folksy member (shop now sadly shut) suitable for a couple of pints of milk and the odd other item and there is normally a V&A cotton bag in there as well if I buy too much. Neither has my logo (not that I have one) but I’m not sure anyone would be able to read it as I whizz past on my bicycle.

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I made a tote bag with my logo on it for a craft fair I planned to do last year. Unfortunately due to personal reasons had to back out of the fair so I still have said bag. I created it in word art, reversed the image then used print transfer paper.

Excuse the photo but it’s a quickie not a promotional one!


I need to do this! I teach textiles for god’s sake and we print onto bags all of the time! Why has it never dawned on me? slaps palm to forehead feeling stupid


oh my so true. I take my own handmade bags for shopping but none of them have my shop advertising on them.

mmmmmm I think I need to make a few more with my shop addy on them for when I go shopping.

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Amazing backpack! Stunning :two_hearts:

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Love the idea, may have to work out something like this, once I finalise my business card design. I don’t have a specific logo yet.

This is my bag - looks a little more worn now. The peacock is called Clive so the bag has come to be known as Clive!


This is one of my shopping bags my large one which I hand painted with fabric paints

This is one of three small ones I keep in my handbag, I made them a few years ago from a old curtian from a charity shop.

This one was also created from an old curtain found in a charity shop and was my favourite for a few years untill the washing machine ripped the handle

To be honest I’ve always had handmade shopping bags made from old charity shop curtain finds :blush: