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Does anyone else promote on craftori?

I have just started using the site. Can we start a thread promoting each other on craftori?
Here’s a couple of my listings to get us going :smile:

Donna x

I registered with them a few months back but not really done much with it.


I’ve had my account for months too so I thought I’d give it a go :smile:

I joined a few days ago no idea what I’m doing tho !!!
Sara x x

Me neither lol I’ve listed a couple of things and liked some other peoples stuff.

Hi donna
Feeling stupid now, whats craftori ? :smiley:

hi, it’s a promotion site, a bit like craft juice but not as easy to use.

I’m not even sure I’m doing it right lol
Donna x

in fact I know I’m not doing it right as the links I’ve copy and pated from there just lead to my folksy shop lol
I’d better go and have another look at the FAQ’s :blush:
Donna x

Lol Ok thanks I’ll take a look, have to say though I like easy lol x

It’s quite easy to post things on there but I haven’t quite worked out how you promote your posts or even if you have to or if you just leave them for people to see!

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Hi. I’m the owner of the Craftori site. If you have any questions, please check our faqs page here or drop us a line via the contact form. We’re happy to help. Once you uplaod your listings, you can use your author page to promote but we also do lots of promotion every day. You can find out where from our faqs page. Twitter is the main way we promote and you can find us there @Craftori.

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@Craftori Thank you I’d just been on the site and read up on how it all works :smile: I’m off to upload some more listings now. I find sites like yours ever so handy as I don’t use twitter or facebook so a big thank you :smile:

@ShropshireNaturalProducts I just checked your previous submissions and they were removed because one included your shop name but also the images were too dark. Try and brighten them using a photo editing program such as Photoshop or Gimp (which is free). :slight_smile:

Ah ok I’ll try again thanks

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I think I’ve got the hang of it now :smile:

Donna x

Yes, that’s perfect. Looks like a wonderful soap. :slight_smile:

Thank you :smile:

@Craftori could you post the link to the craftori pinterest board please?
Donna x

Yes, it’s here: The Board is exclusive for regular users of the website.

Thank you. I’ll work on becoming a regular user now I’ve got the hang of it.
Donna x