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Does anyone else still worry?

After several years, many sales and great feedback from buyers, I still worry every time I wrap an order ready for posting - is it ok? is it good enough? will they like it? what if they think it’s rubbish?

Is it just me or do others have serious self-doubts with every sale?


Yes I do but I think it’s just as you want others to be as happy as you are of it.

But also got to remember you can never please everyone :grin:

all the time every time and I wonder will it get there in a timely fashion and undamaged.

You’re not alone. I sometimes look at a pile of parcels waiting to go out and wonder how I got to be someone who makes things that other people want to buy. Quite an awesome feeling.
I always add the words “Hope you like it” to my messages to the customer because I really do hope they do.

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I think it’s absolutely normal to have those thoughts :slight_smile:

Absolutely! A big part of the problem is that, no matter how accurate our photos and descriptions, what somebody receives just might not be what they’re expecting. This isn’t helped by the EU distance selling laws, of course. I recently accepted a return from a man who’d bought a present for his wife which he said they both liked and admitted it met the description etc, but wasn’t quite what she wanted!

@joysofglass Having a pile of parcels to post is something I’ve yet to experience! I don’t think I’ve ever had more than two in one day… (Is there a smiley for ‘Hopeful’?)

he, he. I’ll be more worried when I don’t worry. It is such an honour when someone buys what you have made, & that feeling when they come back or drop you a happy email or feedback - it remains really special & so it should x

Best of luck and when I say a pile I don’t mean to the ceiling. 4 so far and one of those is an order from August I’ve only just got round to sorting out.
Actually I feel the same about one parcel as several.
“Thank you lovely customers for liking what I make” :slight_smile:

Meant to add that the “order” is from a lovely lovely customer who every year for last 4 has taken a browse through my shop, found what she liked and asked her son/s to buy it for her. Last 2 years I’ve made something specially. Now that is a wonderful feeling :slight_smile:


Yes, I always worry that a customer is going to like what they have bought and fingers crossed 99% of the time they have. I have only had one gentleman that bought a bracelet and necklace for his wife and emailed to say she loved the bracelet but not the necklace and could he return the necklace for a refund. I had to remind myself not to take it personally as it was perfectly reasonable for her not to like something her husband had chosen for her.

I do every time. I’ve got to the stage that everything is wrapped in 2 types of packaging especially my ribbon baubles. They get wrapped in corogated (not sure about spelling) cardboard and then lots of bubble wrap so that it doesn’t move in its box.

I hear you! Despite all my customers being lovely and positive I do always worry that they may be disappointed and wished they’d bought a bag from accessorize instead! I procrastinate a bit on packaging and keep checking over and over that I haven’t missed anything!

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Me too, all the time, ‘will they like them, will they arrive ok’ :slight_smile:

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It’s good to know I’m not alone!! Two orders to wrap now and still worrying…:smile:


You’re definitely not alone…I always worry, and breath a sigh of relief if I get some lovely feedback…


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I can relate to all the above, I always worry that they will like the item and that it will get there safely.
Even with 100% positive feedback, it’s still a worry.

Ditto to all of the above! That’s one of the reasons I kind of prefer selling at markets and fairs - people can see the item in it’s real form, touch it, feel it, smell it (although I’d be ‘curious’ if they started to sniff at my wares!) even try them on! It’s a bit of hit and miss when buying unique items online.

Think it goes with the territory, however confident you are with your work.

I’m a worrier too, but it’s always so lovely to read the positive feedback from the customers.


Yes, yes, yes - all the time. every time even at craft fairs when they’ve seen what they are buying. I also worry constantly that I have packed the right item and sent to the right address! Most things get checked at least 3 times!

Yes I concur with @urbanfairy, from selling at my christmas markets I am starting to see what people like in the flesh and they can see your goods upfront (although selling at markets can also be disheartening too!!). I always worry about packaging, branding, if there is the tiniest smudge on the item…