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Order Panic!

(Roz) #1

Is there anyone else that goes into a complete panic whenever they sell something? As soon as I make a sale I’m thinking - what if its not quite what they wanted, will they like it, did I describe it and photograph it well enough? Worst of it is that I’m even like that at craft fairs when people have actually seen and touched the item they are buying. Don’t think I have had a bad feedback yet (discounting one on ebay where someone was contesting the size of a second hand pair of jeans even though they were labelled!) and often get lovely feedback that the items are better than expected, yet still I panic! Perhaps Im just not cut out for this selling lark!

(Rachel) #2

oh yes this is so me :frowning:

(The Daisy Dream) #3

Oh yeah every time !!!
Sara x x

(Helen Dale) #4

Absolutely! I double and triple check everything before it gets bundled up. It’s always such a relief to get an email to say that they liked it.

(Liz Clark) #5

Oh yes, I’m exactly the same. I’m also a bit protective over them too and hope wherever they go they have a nice home. Think it’s because I make things with eyes/faces!

(Shirley Woosey) #6

I’m not too bad now and don’t panic too much.
Except if it is a custom size, then I am a bit stressed in case it doesn’t fit the book or gadget.

I get very excited though if I am sending a Harris Tweed item to the Hebrides, back where it came from.
Also I have sent some Kimono fabric book covers to Japan and that was exciting too.

Shirley x

(Jacqueline Austen) #7

Me too! I think this just goes to show how much we care about what we do, the products we make and the people we sell them too.

Jacqueline x

(Roz) #8

Well I’m glad its not just me!

(Elaine) #9

Yep, every time lol, even if I’m selling to friends and family!

(Birdandmonkey) #10

Every time! I’ve even packaged an item, sealed it ready for posting …then opened it again to check it was ok, I’m not sure what was going to happen to a silver brooch packaged in tissue, bubble wrap, a box and an envelope whilst waiting to go to the post office!
I’m lucky to have my quality controller aka husband who is also a jeweller to check every item for me.

(Birdandmonkey) #11

I feel ill until the customer tells me they love it.
I always message the customer after a few days on the pretence of checking it arrived safely.

(Sarah Eves) #12

For me it’s more of a cellotape/stamp issue…

Having cellotaped a package to within an inch of its life I then worry that the stamp won’t stick to the cellotape.
However, my local post office are aware of this cellotape/stamp obsession, and are very OTT about sticking the stamps down securely :slight_smile:

Sarah x

(Gracie22) #13

to panic shows we care about our creations and happy customers, we all bite our knuckles awaiting feedback, think its natural :slight_smile:

( Carol ) #14

When I sell supplies I don’t worry because I haven’t made the item but when my knitting sells I always wonder if it’s good enough even though I’ve been knitting for nearly 40 years. I also do some freelance knitting for a knitwear company which you would have thought ‘if a knitwear company likes my work, then joe public will’ but it still doesn’t stop me worrying.

(Jan Ryan) #15

Gosh I’m another one, I suppose it shows how much we care. With the items done to order I’m sometimes concerned that the colour is what they imagined or expected, things like turquoise or duck egg blue can have such a blue/green range.

(Angrycatcrochet) #16

Oh I do this too, I thought it was cause I was a newbie!! I put the stuff in the envelope, out of the envelope to check, back in, back out!! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s ridiculous :blush:

(Thecraftycurioshop) #17

Thank goodness, it’s not just me and I have been crafting for years and years.
@thesherbetpatch I also have this sellotape and stamp issue! Trouble is, it takes so long to actually get a package ready for posting after all the faffing about.
Pauline x

(Christine E.) #18

I’m not too bad with my brooches but I always worry that my necklaces will break. I had a pair of cufflinks returned because they fell apart, and a stone fell out of one of my cuffs ( the buyer was able to stick it back in ) but I think I have improved my methods now. I have sent out 530 things through Folksy and never had one lost in the post (touch wood!)

(Uneek Creations) #19

I have been selling all manner of vintage items since 2001 (mostly inherited items) and then the handcrafted items. I will never change regarding ‘order panic!’ Until a customer receives the item and comes back to me with a ‘relief email’ I do get myself overly concerned. Seems there are many of us like this, and the fact we care is probably why we aren’t millioniares!! lol

(Boadicea Cards) #20

You are definitely not alone! Thanks for raising the topic, makes me feel better it’s not just me!