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Does anyone have an iZettle card reader?

I’m after some feedback from anyone who has, or has had one of these.
I nearly got one myself but stopped at the handover of my bank details until I had done
more research spoke to someone with personal experience.
I’ve been accepted for Paypal here a while back but iZettle has better % commission rates
so juggling the 2 up!

Yes, I’ve had one for about 2 years now, I wouldn’t be without it at craft fairs. It’s easy to use, even for a technophobe like me, and costs almost nothing to use. I know lots of people who have them, never had any problems, money comes through within a couple of days.

Make sure your phone/tablet is compatible though.

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Good news Christine, what did you have to supply them by way of information…I obviously don’t want yours :grin:

Only my bank account details, nothing else. I have a personal account with them though, not a business one, so don’t know if that makes a difference. I think there’s a limit on sales for a personal account, but it’s way higher than I’ll ever need, so I never bothered to change to a business account.

What are they asking for?

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I have one too. It is fantastic and easy to use. My sales income has hugely increased at fairs in general, as I now attract all buyers, not just the ones with cash or cheques. Good luck with finding a payment system that works for you.

Jacqueline x

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That’s as far as I got when I looked into it, stopped before giving my bank details …what’s the commision rate for a personal account?
I believe the rate I saw was 1.75% per transaction, I don’t know if that’s business or personal.

I have one of the chip and pin readers, they’re much better than the signature ones. I had problems taking visa payments with the signature one, but all cards work fine with the chip and pin one.

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Thanks Jacqueline…so you’d recommend it then, do you have a business account or personal like Christine?

I think it’s 2.75% but they keep sending me vouchers if I don’t use it for a while, so I haven’t paid any commission for ages!

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I have a business one. It is great because you can list your items and then your customer gets a nice receipt emailed to them with all the details of the product they have ordered. I have a chip and pin reader and I use an IPad mini. Super duper!

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Great stuff, thanks for the feedback chaps…appreciate it :smile:

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Is that the one with the cable connection?

I have the iZettle pro unit (blue tooth version) and wouldn’t be without it - I’ve done fairs where most of my takings have been by card and people make impulse purchases when they find out that they can pay buy card. I’ve got a business account and the percentage charge I pay depends on the amount it gets used, 2.75% on sales upto a total value of £2000 per month (I think) and then it drops down in increments to 1.5% if sales are over £5000 (I think). Money appears in my bank account after a couple of working days. I’ve accepted american and european cards with it as well as UK cards no problems. A friend (my hairdresser) had the lite version (the cabled one) and had issues with it talking to his iPad so bought himself a pro unit instead and loves it and he uses it day in day out at the salon.
They normally have some sort of refer a friend thing going on where by if one of us sends you an invite to get one and you make a transaction with it within 30 days we both get £10 off our transaction fees.


Thanks Sasha, can’t get more comprehensive than that!!..I will give you a nudge when I get the pro unit to claim that offer :smile:

I think you need to sign up via the following link for it to work

Already signed up…just not ordering the unit for a while, but i’ll let you know when I do…thanks again.

Oh…I see, yes i’ll use that link as it’s got the referal code

I have an izettle and like others have said wouldn’t be without it. I love the way you can enter cash transactions too and then you can just print out a ccmplete list of transactions for your records. It gives you information about the time of day sales are made to and I am beginning to look to see if there is any pattern emerging there. Just be aware though that as of this week an update to iOS 9 is available to iphones/ipads which is NOT compatible with izettle at the moment so if you’ve upgraded it won’t work. Got an email from izettle telling me not to upgrade. I have definitely made sales that without it wouldn’t have happened and a couple of people on realising I took card even picked up a few extra pieces that they wouldn’t have bought had they been paying cash. I think I have the business account but not entirely sure - haven’t had to pay any commission for ages as like others I have earned free transactions by recommending friends etc.

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I’m a big iZettle fan too, I’d say about a third of the sales I make at fairs are card payments now and a lot of them definitely wouldn’t have happened at all without the card reader. I have the pro version, have had it a couple of years, they hadn’t brought out the free version at that time.

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Mustard…thanks everyone, I went and signed up before getting a referral so lost out on the freebie but all i’m after
is the positive feedback from your goodselves, will defo be getting the pro model…I don’t subscribe to the totalitarian ‘apple’ regime, so haven’t gotta worry about that!