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New offer for iZettle card reader

(Roz) #1

Thought this might be of interest to some of you doing craft fairs this summer.
iZettle have just released a new card reader - available for only £29 plus VAT. Additionally, if you use this link and take your first payment within 30 days we both get a voucher for £10.

I have been using iZettle for a year and have found it very useful providing you are in an area where you can get mobile phone signal or free wifi.

(Claire Davis) #2

I’ve just done it, have been meaning to get one anyway. Went for the free one, assume I can upgrade to the £49 version if I want to.
Do you happen to know what the free £10 is actually for? I might have to get my husband to buy something from me to test it out!

Annoying that you have to have internet banking to verify the account details, as I’m not actually using internet banking at the mo, but can probably sort that tomorrow.

(Roz) #3

:slight_smile: I assume the £10 can be used to reduce the commission they charge or you may be able to use it to put towards the more expensive machine if you decide you want it. I do love my izettle - i always use the app to record my sales even if they are paid with by cash - it means I can just print out a record at the end of the day. If you are super organised you can even enter all your stock into the database and keep track of it all.

(Claire Davis) #4

I’m not quite that organised! Sounds good being able to record all sales though, I usually jot them down in the back of my order book and then have to go through and add everything up. Do you find that customers are ok with paying via an unusual looking card machine? My husband said he would find it weird and off-putting, but then he knows (and admits it!) nothing of craft fairs and so on!

(Roz) #5

So far I haven’t had a problem. You can send a receipt to their email address although only one person has ever wanted one. There is a notice you can download and print out from iZettle saying you accept card payments and what the system you use is. I have printed and laminated it and display it on my stall - rightly or wrongly I think it gives people more confidence that the system is legit! Most people still pay cash but sometimes they are tempted by the higher value items they may have dismissed if I hadn’t had the machine.

BTW I’m not that organised either but one day…!

(Sasha Garrett) #6

I have an iZettle (the more expensive blue tooth non cabled model) and of the many payments I have processed through it only 1 person has ever looked at it and asked if it is secure. When I said that it was she happily paid using it.

(Claire Davis) #7

That’s reassuring, thanks. It definitely can’t hurt to have one there, especially as the fair I’m doing is in the middle of a field with no cash machines around! And hopefully it’ll tempt people into spending a bit more …

(Sasha Garrett) #8

I’ve found it does tempt people into spending more eg a lady had chosen 2 pairs of earrings and when she discovered she could pay by card (and whilst I was finding and booting up the technology) she added a necklace to her purchase. My only gripe with the system is the battery life isn’t as good as they say especially if it is cold. This might be different for the lite cabled version to the premium blue tooth version but make sure your batteries are fully charged.

(Claire Davis) #9

Hadn’t thought of that, but I was planning on getting a power bank for recharging my phone anyway, so maybe I’ll be able to use it for the card reader too. It’s a two day event and we’re staying on my in-law’s narrowboat over night so will have to make sure I plug everything in overnight!