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International orders - shop settings question

Just a very quick question.

I thought I had set up my shop so that I don’t ship internationally, but yesterday I received an order from someone who gave a French address. She didn’t complete the payment as she wanted to pay by credit card so I got the email form Folksy saying ‘get in touch with buyer as they are having difficulties paying’.

I thought I had set up the postage options correctly to state I don’t ship overseas, but can anyone see anything wrong in how I have set up the shop settings? Or did the order not go through because the system detected I had set up UK only orders, and the fact she wanted to pay by credit card was just a coincidence, and not the real reason she couldn’t complete the order??

I’ve cancelled the order and advised the lady to look in other shops on Folksy as I know many shops do ship overseas, so hopefully, she’ll find an alternative.

Thanks for any pointers,


It may have been a scam. There is one that pops up saying they love the item and want to buy. Could be innocent though

I wonder why you don’t offer to ship overseas?

Hi - I don’t think it’s a scam, it was for a card not a big picture. I took the decision not to ship overseas a while back and don’t plan to change it. What I’m not sure of is why an order could be made if it couldn’t be fulfilled. There must be something in the settings I haven’t done, but for the life of me I can’t work out what!!

I think you would be best contacting admin for advice.

okay, contacting admin may be best in this case.

I can’t see anything wrong with your settings. I had a similar thing on ebay where I was allowed to bid on (and win) an item that was only for shipment within the US and this didn’t get flagged up (by paypal rather than ebay) until I came to pay for it (but it had been clearly stated in the listing and I knew that before bidding). I have family out there that I was always planning on getting it shipped to so it wasn’t an issue and as soon as I put the US address into paypal it was happy. (so the reason she couldn’t complete the order was probably due to the fact she had entered an address that was outside your shipping profile). This does highlight the point that a site can’t stop someone from placing an order just because they are not in the country that a seller ships to as they might be planning on getting it shipped to an address that the seller does ship to but it is reliant on a buyer having read the shipping info. Maybe the shipping profiles need to be made clearer, moving them above all the tags etc so that they appear under the description might help but that is something that admin would need to look into.

I had exactly the same yesterday, French address, wanted to pay by credit card etc, so must be a scam. :unamused:

I’ve been without a pc for a few days due to building - thanks v much for your replies and I’ll get on the case to Admin just to make sure my settings are okay! :slight_smile: