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Don't get caught out like I have!

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #1

I was checking my PayPal this morning and noticed by chance a ‘Case Open’. I clicked on it as my heart sank wondering what ever I could have done to warrant an unhappy customer. As it turned out I had, during my illness, sent the wrong colour kit and found a note asking for the correct colour and what should be done with the one which had been sent.

The customer was from Ebay and rather than (more sensibly) contacting me via that means, he had opened a case with PayPal who unlike Ebay, do not notify me of any messages or cases. To my absolute horror this poor customer had contacted me on the 21st and today was the 25th!!! What must he think of me?!!

I’m sure none of you get complaints or do stupid things like me to warrant any, but I just thought I’d pass it on! Mx

(Stephanie Guy) #2

That’s bad - like you I assumed that paypal would notify sellers of cases that had been opened. Thanks for the heads up!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Gosh I wonder why she did that.

I wonder why paypal didn’t let you know.

I’m like you I don’t check my paypal account.

Hope you can contact your customer and when you explain why you’ve not answered earlier she’ll be understanding and realize she’s not done it the right way.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #4

Why would someone open a case against you through paypal without messaging you first to give you the opportunity to rectify the mistake? That’s rather unfair of them. Unless they didn’t realise that that’s not really the way to go about things.

Have you messaged the person back to explain the reason why you sent the wrong colour kit yet?

If you hadn’t already, i’d message him and explain that it was a mistake and that you are happy to rectify the problem. Would explain that you hadn’t had notification from paypal about the issue as well.

Please don’t let it upset you. It was a mistake, everyone makes them.


(Angela Demarco) #5

I had this happen to me but in reverse, sort of. I ordered an item from ebay which arrived minus a part. When I clicked on “contact the seller” a menu came up asking for the type of communication required. I clicked on something like “item missing a part or damaged” and was directed to the “open a case” page. This is not how I would normally deal with a complaint, as I would usually just contact the seller and let them deal with it. However, it may be that ebay have changed their procedures. The seller did seem a bit miffed with me (reading between the lines) but dealt with the problem quickly and without fuss. I made sure to give them excellent feedback and to mention their swift action in dealing with a problem. I expect this may be what happened with your buyer and I’m sure if you explain what happened, all will be well. I understand how upsetting this probably was for you as we all live and die by our feedback. xx

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #6

Darlings thank you so much for your kind words…the update is that the gentleman replied to the message I left him via Ebay and was absolutely delightful! He could see I was genuinely upset and all was rectified!..I did however wonder if I had accidentally mixed up another order who had ordered lemon and I managed to contact her and it turned out I had!!! Ahhhh! She was lovely! I told them both to keep the wrong kits and I sent out the correct ones 1st class so all was sorted!..Blimey! Good job I only get a cold every 4 years!!! Lol! Mx

(Julie) #7

Maggie, I am so glad to hear this was happily resolved in the end. I have to say, eBay seem intent on creating a drama out of every small issue that occurs - it is not made obvious how to contact a seller without being pushed along the road of opening a case. I recently had my first ever negative in 13 years from a buyer who said she had no other way to contact me. sigh


(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #8

OMG!!! Can you appeal? That is SO unfair?!! Mxx

(Julie) #9

I tried, Maggie, but eBay ignored it. I get more and more disillusioned with them every day.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #10

Their fees are high, but as yet my Etsy shop isn’t doing enough to drop them and I DO make a good living with Ebay.x :frowning: xx

(Helen McCartney Designs) #11

i’m so pleased that you got it sorted and the way you dealt with it is perfect : ) x

(Amanda Robins) #12

I had this happen to me but I did get notification from Paypal. The buyer was in Australia and had her bank account hacked and someone had bought a flight to Hong Kong with her money around the same time as she’d purchased earrings from me. She hadn’t remembered buying them. I sent proof of postage and a copy of the order to Paypal and I contacted her and she realised her mistake. Despite this the case had to remain open for 28 days before Paypal returned the money for the order (which they’d removed when the case was opened).

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #13

Ah! Thank you for that! I’ve been told the case has been closed but it is still open - now I know why!x

(Amanda Robins) #14

I got notification from Paypal only today that I’d been reimbursed. I thought that had already happened when they closed the case over a month ago!

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #15

Thank you Amanda! Xx