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Help i have a sale and been paid but customer hasn't chosen colour

(Christine Davies) #1

Hello everyone, i had a listing for 4 items in different colours a lady has bought 2 of them but not advised which colour she want

She paid immediately but i dont know what to sell.

I have emailed her twice with no response what do i do


(Roz) #2

Not sure what to suggest in this instance but it might be worth stating in future listings that if no colour is selected you will send in a default colour. I would give the customer a couple of days to respond as not everyone checks their emails constantly. I hope you hear back soon.

(WithGrace) #3

I have had a problem with contacting buyers. On two occasions the emails have gone to their spam box and not been seen. This has also happened to me when I purchased something and the seller sent me an email and it too went to my spam box. I do think an internal Folksy messaging would be helpful in sorting this problem. Sorry I can’t help x

(Christine Davies) #4

thank s you i am hoping when she doesnt get it she will realise something is wrong and get in touch, I like the idea of a default colour i never though of that

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Check and see if the email associated with their paypal account (should be in the email you recieved from paypal confirming payment) is the same as the one they gave in the folksy confirmation email and if they are different (I know mine are) try emailing the other address as well. Alternatively you should have a physical address for them you could always pop a postcard in the post to them asking them to contact you if you don’t hear from them in a couple of days.

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(Christine Davies) #6

thanks Sarah ill check that now x