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Duplicated order

Anyone having any problem with duplcate orders.

I had only one castle for sale but it seems it was sold twice, once to wife and once to husband and they both managed to pay for it but my order page shows one of the orders unpaid.
Totally confused and expect customer is too.
Have refunded one payment and had to do it as an extra bit otherwise Paypal would have deducted my fees and notified support.

How totally odd !

Sorry - last order was in June so I can’t help! Hope you manage to get it sorted - certainly sounds very random! PS Saw your Testing in Progress on the front page. Bet it stays there for ages! :smile:

I ordered it, not signed in., from 2 separate sessions. It let me because of course nowadays it stays in stock until paid for or payment problem reported. I think this is what happened to my order - think wife and husband ordered the castle separately and both managed to pay for it. I’ve told support and my test item is now hidden from sale - just in case anyone wants it as it is only 25P - a bargain !!


Such fun on a Sunday night!!

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I was supposed to make spag bol for tea but took so long sorting the order and payments out it was too late and Bob had to make us chicken kiev instead. Never mind spag bol now made ready for tomorrow - much better matured. :slight_smile:

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Hi Joy, I get really frustrated that the simplest things always turn out to be so complicated when they go wrong! I just wanted to check that you realise that when you refund by Paypal, your fees are also refunded. Hope you enjoy your spag bol today!

Yes thanks. I realise that about the fees.
When I refund postage I always have to adjust the refund amount to add the fee otherwise the customer unfairly pays the fees which I’ve received back. Same here.
This time I refunded full amount of one of the two payments but customer was then short by the amount of the fee. So I part refunded the other payment to give them them the fee amount too (and had to add on 2p to get that right).
What a faff . but don’t think customer would be very happy to realise they have paid twice but got a ‘discounted’ amount back when the extra payment was refunded.