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Oops - that was a silly mistake!

I had an order for several items, and with the combined postage rates it looked rather high. I quickly scanned the first part of the address, and it was Salisbury, so I refunded £3 as a postage overpayment. Then I went to pack the order and realised it was Salisbury in America, so the postage would have been about right - what a plonker :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be reading addresses fully before sending postage overpayment refunds in future LOL.

Anyone else made daft mistakes like that?


Oh yes, you’re not alone, recently though I refunded someone some postage as they put in two separate orders and they didn’t accept it and PayPal returned it to me, fingers crossed for you :grinning:

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i made a similar mistake just yesterday. sent the postage refund to the wrong person , ooops.

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So glad it’s not just me!

Oh No !!! I think we have all done that !! TUT !!!

I have done something similar with southern Ireland, mistakingly thinking it would be UK P&P.

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I have a very loyal customer who’s bought a great deal of things from me this year via FB. I emailed her about a month ago and told her that I would waiver any postage on future purchases. She purchased one of my balls recently and when I’ve sent it free postage and my PayPal fees I’m not making any profit, but if I take everything else she’s bought into consideration I only feel that I should let it go.