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E cigarettes

I see people around with e cigarettes. There is some much smoke coming out of them that I have move my head away or avoid walking too close to someone smoking. I don’t smoke so I wouldn’t want to inhale someone else’s smoke. And I don’t think it’s an argument I can win in public places.

So I was intrigued to ask…what are the benefits of e cigarettes? Are they more economical? Healthier? Anyone using them?

I use an e-cig and have done for years. The most important benefit is the smoke you see isn’t smoke at all but steam. They work by heating up a mix of vegetable glycerine and nicotine so you don’t have all the nasty tar and chemicals. They don’t smell and are much much cheaper than real cigarettes :smiley:
I hope this answers some of your questions.
Donna x

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My OH uses a vap cigarette thing.
He went from smoking a pouch of baccy a day to the vap.
It’s good because it’s stopped him actually smoking.
Plus he’s cut down on the nicotine he takes in.
He started.on 18mg now he’s on 3mgs.
You get different types of liquid too.
OH uses one that is water based so the smoke that comes out after is water vapor.
Hope that helps.

Oh and some of the vaps don’t even have nicotine in

I hate them water vapour that smells yukkie just as yukkie as real cigarettes.

Also water vapour makes things damp.

The set me off coughing just like real cigarettes.

I didn’t like OHS one at first but it’s lovely cos.nothing smells of.yukky smokey smell.
I.always.felt like.I smelt cos I don’t smoke.
But he uses the flavoured ones and.they don’t smell to bad.

Thanks for clarifying. I see notices in shops now saying, ‘no smoking allowed including e cigarettes’.
So there are varieties of smoke / steam. I think I will try to avoid them as much as I can. Even tiny bit of nicotine is not good. The people I’ve seen so far are older…it’d be interesting to see if teenagers will get into that.

I haven’t seen teenagers but all my friends smoke them and we are all early 30s

I recently read that there has been a death from someone using an E cig, for whatever reason it wasn’t very well documented. The death was caused from the oil from the cigs building up in the ladies lungs causing her to suffocate. There is very little regulation around these things that I think many brands could be more dangerous than actual cigs…

That’s is very true. There is nearly no regulations.

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There are no regulations at all

Also there’s a new wave of people crushing pills and desolving them in water to use in their e-cigerettes. I’m talking prescription drugs and illegal ‘party’ drugs.

Oh dear…what’s next…alcohol??
Why are these in the market so unregulated??

I don’t know about alcohol but I do know about the drugs as my poor adopted daughter came home very upset as her friend was doing this and was telling her how to do it.

So you never know what is coming out in that steam and you could be breathing it in as second hand steam. Just like people suffer from second hand smoke. :frowning:

Oh no that sounds terrible. Was she ok

yes just upset and she no longer has anything to do with the ‘friend’ thankfully.

That’s good
She doesn’t need friends like that.

And that answers my question if very young people will get into that!

@Minerva Unfortunately the regulations tend to be retrospectively applied as manufacturers and regulating bodies don’t anticipate the off label uses that people will come up with (do you think glue manufacturers ever thought someone would have the idea of sniffing their product to get high?). I doubt they expected people to crush pills into the devices but yet it is happening and I’m not sure how they would regulate that any way - once someone has purchased anything how do you control how they use it. The pills are nominally controlled/ regulated and people can get into trouble with the law for being under the influence regardless of the route of administration.
As for the long term health effects - in the drugs industry (and I don’t know how the tabacco industry differs) they only have to do safety testing for 1 year to get approval with the FDA/ EMEA. With something like cigarettes (e or otherwise) there is no recommended daily dose to do the safety testing on (if they have to do any) so how would the companies decide on a dosing regime for the safety testing? One cigarette a day will produce very different results to chain smoking. With things like tabacco/ alcohol/ illegal drugs/ legal highs where the dose is self regulated I think the people taking them just have to accept that they are the long term safety study and take them at their own risk. Regulations are either in place or being introduced to protect those of us who do not wish to partake - hence the ban on smoking in pubs, work spaces, public transport with similar bans on e cigs being discussed/ introduced (the welsh are a head of the rest of us on that one). The advice to consumers will (and with tabacco and alcohol has) changed as more data is gathered.


I switched over from real cigarettes as in the long run steam has to be better than tarry smoke and I hated smelling all the time. I have found if you buy a good quality e-liquid that is made in the uk by a well known company, they don’t smell at all and hardly give off and vapour when you breathe out. I have tried some of the cheaper ones and who knows what they put in them as they taste and smell horrible. I think it’s the same as anything you have to consider what’s best for you in the long run. I was smoking 40+ cigarettes a day, could hardly breathe and smelled like a pub carpet from the early 90’s as well as having to spend over £15 a day (this was a few years ago) and now I don’t. I don’t want to give up and have found a healthier more social way to do it.
As for crushing up pills and inhaling them, there are always some people who want to abuse themselves and will do it no matter what regulations there are in place.


I think they are better for smokers to use than regular cigarettes because the lack of tar and benzene derived chemicals means less likelihood of lung cancer and bowel cancer, HOWEVER (and this is a big however) the health problems and cancers caused by nicotine itself will still occur. More importantly is the effects of passive E-smoking on children and unborn babies will be the same. Children of smokers will still suffer from a much greater incidence of mental illness and probably asthema and ear problems too. What is more the liquid in E-cigarettes is extremely toxic to children if it is consumed, and there have already been incidences of death and hospitalization of young children as a result. Also the chargers appear to be a fire hazard.

On balance I think that if you are a smoker and do not have young children or grandchildren around all the time, then it might be a healthy move to switch, but these E cigarettes do seem to be even more dangerous to children than their traditional counterparts.

Love Sam x

I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I don’t take tablets of any kind…I am SOOOO boring…(and lucky!)