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Ebay 100 Free Listings Weekend

(Wanda) #1

I see Ebay has launched the 100 free listings weekend again after their recent limited of only 20 free listings for private sellers, may be of use to some people if it proves to be too hot this weekend outside!

(Stitchcity) #2

Oh yeh! i think im going to get on that!

(Plumporridge) #3

Yes, I have used all 100. I have also swapped a lot of my hand made listings to fixed price as it isn’t any extra and I have sold two items today already!

I hope I am reading it right that you can now re-list an item that doesn’t sell up to three times free of charge. You tick a box at the end of the listing to do it automatically. Is anyone else doing that?

Amanda xxx

(Brenda Cumming) #4

not fair, they forced me to be a business seller because I list on a regular basis, and business sellers don’t get free listings…grrr

(Joanne Joyce) #5

You can relist for free but if it sells you get charged the listing fee (it is in the small print) :frowning: