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Ebay taking over paypal

(Rachel) #1

Will ebay taking over paypal make any difference to us being able to use paypal on Folksy @sianfolksy please? (sorry but I do worry about such things)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

paypal and ebay are one company but are now splitting into 2 companies so that paypal can become more like a bank.

(Donna) #3

I was about to say the same thing Eileen. Ebay have always owned paypal,
It could be a good thing that they are splitting off to be their own company.

(Rachel) #4

Thank you I had it the wrong way around - phew :smile:

(Sian ) #5

We don’t foresee any issues with PayPal splitting from Ebay, no. Hopefully it should just make PayPal more competitive as a payment system. We are talking to PayPal next week anyway, so we’ll double check!

(Minerva) #6

When you talk to them, would you be able to find out if they’ll increase the fees?
Any changes we should be expecting?

(Sian ) #7

We’re talking to someone on the technical team so I guess it’s unlikely they’ll be able to tell us about pricing but I’m sure PayPal will make announcements of any price changes etc nearer the time!

(Minerva) #8

Ok, well I hope using PP with Folksy continues to be smooth going forward…we’ll look forward to any announcements by Folksy or PP.